China in March

Weather Is Very Changeable in March

With spring on the horizon, March is eager to wake up the sleeping world. It drives the cold and gloom to one corner; but sometimes the weather still changes like a baby’s face. Never mind, China is ready at any time to show off its uniqueness to the world.
Still worried about the changeable weather marring your trip? Take it easy. Read this before you go and prepare for all eventualities.
Average Temperature and Humidity

  • Beijing:         0~19(°C),32~66.2(°F);  
  • Shanghai:       5~13(°C),41~55.4(°F);        
  • Guangzhou:   10~18(°C),50~64.4(°F);
  • Xi’an:                6~15(°C) , 42.8~59(°F);
  • Chongqing:    12~19(°C), 53.6~66.2(°F);  
  • Guilin:              11~17(°C) ,51.8~62.6(°F); 

What to Pack

Average temperatures are rising in China, while rainfall is increasing in some areas.


Beijing and Xi’an are typical northern cities. Unlike the south, northern China can be extremely dry in March. Also March sees a large day-and-night temperature difference. Warm coats are recommended for the nights while jackets and sweaters are more suitable during the days. It’s a good idea to bring an empty water-bottle, since you may need extra fluid intake in the north.



In southeastern areas like Shanghai, weather is becoming mild. Jackets and windbreakers may come in handy. You should also bring your rain gear, because it may drizzle all day long in the southeast.

Southwest Plain Region

The plain region in the southwest including Chengdu has a climate similar to the southeast. A pair of nice walking shoes is necessary for the many steps one will climb in city like Chongqing.

Southwest Plateau Area

The climate is variable in the plateau area which includes Tibet and Yunnan. Wide differences in temperature between day and night make sweaters and heavy coats essential. Outdoor equipment like alpenstocks, hiking boots, sunglasses and kettles are suitable in these places.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: In China, March is part of the off season for travel, for it does not have any national holidays and is sandwiched between February (Spring Festival) and April (Tomb-Sweeping Festival). This makes March a leisurely month and a good time for foreign visitors to go. Many activities are possible, as the weather is getting warmer. Visitors who come in this month may catch a glimpse of the beauty of early spring.     
  • Cons: The changeable weather sometimes makes traveling inconvenient. Even if it is not rainy, it is often overcast, which tends to spoil the views. But allowances can be made for the weather by scheduling some indoor activities in advance.

What to Do& See

Though the weather can hardly be predicted, there is still a lot to do in this month.

Awesome Yangtze River and Panda Visit

Yangtze Cruise

The complex weather conditions allow visitors to see different elements of the beauty of the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges; with 700 meter-high mountains on either side of the river. The narrowest part of the river is about 100 meters wide. 

Giant Pandas

Unique to China, the docile and cute pandas are now living in nature reserves in the southwest. Such reserves afford a close-up opportunity for those who cannot say no to the lovely fluffy bears. See more about the Awesome Yangtze River and Panda Visit tour.


Essence of China Tour

Forbidden City

The largest Chinese palace is well preserved and rebuilt as a huge museum. Walking into the home of ancient empires, visitors can imagine being emperors and empresses. There is no need to worry about the weather when you spend a day reveling in the palace.

Terracotta Army

The “army” left by Qin Shihuang, the first emperor in Chinese history, has many stories to tell. The Terracotta Army was made for Qin’s funeral, to protect him after he died, and it showcases the features of soldiers living 2000 years ago. See more about the Essence of China Tour.

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