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China in September

September, as the beginning of autumn, marks the drop of the high temperature. The intense heat of summer fades away and it becomes dryer in September in most areas of North China. In South China, it is still a little bit hot and rainy days still exist. For instance, the temperature ranges from 14 to 26 ºC in Beijing, from 20 to 27 ºC in Shanghai and from 25 to 31 ºC in Guilin.

September Packing Suggestion

In September, the extremely hot weather gradually disappears, but it’s still very warm in many parts of China, especially in South China. In North China, tourists need to wear light long-sleeved coats as it may be a little bit cool. In South China, as it’s still a little bit hot, short-sleeved shirts are needed. In addition, sun glasses, umbrellas, sun hats and sun cream are necessary as there is still strong sunlight.

Why Visit China in September

1. The weather becomes cool in many areas of China, which is not as hot as that of summer. The relatively cool weather is suitable for sightseeing and traveling.

2. As there are no statutory holidays in September in China and school is in session, there are not so many Chinese people traveling, bringing some convenient transportation and accommodation. The scenic areas are not very crowded.

3. Due to the cool weather and fine scenery, Tibet and Silk Road becomes hot spots for traveling.

Beware of Some Conditions during a September Visit

1. It’s still hot and rainy in South and Central China, taking inconvenience for travelers.

2. National Day Holidays usually last from Oct.1 to 7, so it’s difficult for tourists to book train or flight tickets and the hotels will raise their prices from the end of September.

Top September Destinations


Every year, in September, as the grapes of Turpan are ripe, Turpan Grape Festival is held from August 26 to September 5. During the festival, tourists can not only enjoy various kinds of delicious grapes, but also can appreciate splendid theatrical performances and unique and striking folk custom art. In addition, tourists can have a taste of roast gamecock, camel meat, beef and mutton. If they like, appreciating the unique and extraordinary skill of Turpan roasting is a good choice. Meanwhile, many activities with ethnic characteristics are held during the festival. The activities of this Grape Festival will help people to appreciate the special touristic value, the folk customs and art of Xinjiang.

Time: Aug 26 – Sep 5

Place: Turpan, Xinjiang

Places to Visit: Turpan Grape Festival, the Jiaohe Ruins, the Grape Valley, the Flaming Mountains, Khanat, the Bezeklik Thousand-Buddha Cave.


1. Don't pick the grapes on the pergolas along Turpan Pedestrian Street.

2. Turpan has a 2-hour time difference with Beijing.

3. Merchants sell goods using half a kilogram as the standard unit.


The best periods to visit Tibet are from late August to October. If you are interested in the mysterious ancient religion, the architectural essence of Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and the Barkhor pilgrim circuit in the holy city of Lhasa, visiting Tibet is absolutely an ideal place to visit. In addition, tourists can obtain a glimpse into the local Tibetans’ lifestyle by paying a visit to a family in the countryside around Lhasa.


September is ranked as one of the best periods to visit Guilin, when the weather is very pleasant and the scenery is at its best. In September, there are a number of scenic spots suitable for visiting in Guilin, among which, Longji Terraced Fields become the highlight of the golden autumn, very suitable for sightseeing. Longji Terraced Fields is located in Heping town in Longsheng, a 2 hours drive from Guilin. The terraced rice fields, like ladders, wind from the bottom of the mountain to the top. The elevation varies from 380 meters to 880 meters with a drop of 500 meters. These fields are belt-shaped, narrow and long, most of which are only wide enough for two rows of crops. Seen from a distance, it is just like a golden ocean, looking very magnificent.

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