Chinese Arts

Chinese handicrafts are very beautiful and popular and include the following categories, Ceramic, woven handicraft, sculpture handicraft, lacquer work, metal handicrafts and woodwork. From furnishings to household items, many have distinctive ethnic characteristics. Artists and craftsmen from different periods and dynasties have created many valuable items with their clever hands and consummate skills.

China Honeymoon in Yangtze and Guilin

Chinese handicrafts boast a very long history. It develops from the painted pottery and jade in the Neolithic Age. Then in the Yin and Zhou Dynasties, Chinese handicraft featured in bronzes. The lacquer work created in the spring and autumn and the Warring States Period is a great progress in Chinese handicraft. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, China was created and is famous abroad. Exquisite cloisonné was made in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

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