Chinese Dance

China is an ancient country whose 56 ethnic groups contribute to a diverse cultural heritage, which includes an array of traditional folk dances. Each ethnic group has it's own unique folk dances but the dances share common themes that reflect stories and feelings of happiness, anger, love and hate. Folk dance is a favorite art form in China and is hugely popular with the Chinese people.

This diversity of folk dances was in danger of being diminished as ethnic minority groups became smaller but since the foundation of the People's Republic of China steps have been taken to document and archive the folk dances of all nationalities to ensure that they can never be lost. This exercise has revitalized Chinese folk dancing and has led to a revival which has seen the dances performed in front of new audiences, and receiving world-wide attention.

The following are examples of popular Chinese folk dances.

CNN‘s Most Beautiful River, Li River in Guilin

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