Chinese Lantern

The fifteenth night, the last night, of the Chinese New Year is the Lantern Festival. On this night, communities have special displays of beautiful lanterns in all shapes and sizes.

Children stroll through their neighbourhoods and visit their friends carrying little lanterns. The lantern is a symbol of hope and celebration.

Lanterns are often decorated with flowers, lions or dragons.

Model 1

What you will need

Red construction paper, 12 inches X 18 inches

Tracing paper




Crayons or markers

White glue

Clear tape


What to do

1.Fold the red construction paper in half width wise so that it looks like a book. Fold the paper in half again.

Chinese lantern

2.Trace the lantern pattern and transfer it to the folded red construction paper.

Enlarge 160% Enlarge 160% Chinese lantern

3.Cut out the pattern. Be sure to cut through all layers of the folded red paper.

4.Cut four pieces of tracing paper 4 inches X 6 inches. Decorate these four pieces with crayons or markers. Let dry.

5.Open the cut out red paper and lay it in front of you. Tape or glue the decorated tracing paper pieces over the openings in the lantern pattern.

Chinese lantern

6.Tape the two edges of the lantern together.

7.Gently pinch each fold of the lantern so that it forms four even corners.

8.Cut a 12-inch piece of yarn. Tape the ends of the yarn to opposite sides of the top of the lantern to hold it or to hang it.

Paper lantern model 2

You will need

Piece of coloured paper about 35 cm x 20 cm


Sticky tape


1. Cut a thin strip from one end of the oblong of paper. Put the strip carefully aside to use later.

How to make Chinese Latern

2. Fold the oblong in half lengthwise. With the scissors, make a row of cuts through the folded side of the paper. Make sure the cuts stop at least 2 cm from the edge of the paper.

Chinese lantern

3. Open out the paper and bend it into a circle, taping the edges together.

Chinese lantern

4. Make a handle from the strip of paper you cut off earlier. Hold it in place with sticky tape.

Chinese lantern


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