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Currency Exchange

The foreign currency China collect and exchange includes: American Dollar, British Pound, French Franc, Reich Mark, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Austrian Schilling, Belgian Franc, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Dutch Guilder, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, Singapore Dollar, Malaysian Dollar, Italian Lira, Macao Pataca, Finnish Mark etc.

Bank of China handles the business of adding entering and adding out foreign currency. It becomes the specialized bank for exchanging foreign currency.

According to foreign exchange control of Chinese currently in effect, the circulation of foreign currency is forbidden within the territory of PRC. Besides, people are not allowed to wind up an account in the form of foreign currency according to valuation. For the convenience of the foreign guests and the fellow countryman from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Bank of China and other authorized banks not only accept and hear the foreign currency traveler's check, foreign credit card exchange the RMB business, but also accept and hear 22 kinds of foreign currency cash and new Taiwan dollar conversion business. What is more, in order to give the most convenience to hold add persons, in addition to the banks, a few guesthouses, hotels or shops can also handle the business of foreign currency exchange for RMB. And RMB not used up before leaving China can be exchanged for foreign currency if the exchange Shan is showed within the period of validity of six months. And the foreign currency exchanged back can be carried out of China.

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