Drinking Water

The situation of the drinking water in China is different from that of western countries. Here is some useful information for you to access to safe and healthy drinking water.

1. The tap water in China is undrinkable. In China, there are mainly three ways to gain safe and healthy drinking water: first, use water heater or hot pot to get boiled water; second, get drinkable water from water dispensers; third, buy mineral water in supermarkets. Mineral water prices range from RMB 1 to RMB 10. The recommended brands of mineral water in China are Wa Ha Ha, Nestle and Nongfu Spring. Some imported foreign brands of mineral water also available in some supermarkets.

2. Hotel rooms in China either equipped water dispensers or water heaters, or provide boiled water in a thermos. High-quality mineral water is available for free or for a minimal charge in the hotel rooms of some four or five-star hotels.

3. Drinking boiled water or high-quality mineral water (concerning both its producer and expiration date) is highly recommended in China.

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