Geopark is a unique natural area, with the main body of geologic heritage landscapes of certain scale and distribution range, integrating other natural and humane landscapes, boasting special geological scientific significance as well as high aesthetic ornamental value. Geopark provides people a characteristic sightseeing tour of relatively high scientific grade, a resort for relaxation and health protection, a venue for recreation and a base for geological scientific research. Global Geoparks were approved by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. At present, there are altogether 58 global Geoparks in the world, and there are 24 ones belonging to China, including Huangshan Geopark, Mount Lushan Geopark, Yuntaishan Geopark, Stone Forest Geopark, Danxiashan Geopark, Zhangjiajie Sandstone Peak Forest Geopark, Wudalianchi Geopark, Songshan Geopark, Yandangshan Geopark, Taining Geopark, Hexigten Geopark, Xingwen Geopark, Mount Taishan Geopark, Wangwushan-Daimeishan Geopark, Leiqiong Geopark, Fangshan Geopark, Jingpohu Geopark, Funiushan Geopark, Longhushan Geopark, Zigong Geopark, Alxa Desert Geopark, Zhongnanshan Geopark, Leye-Fengshan Geopark and Ningde Geopark. The followings are top 8 most beautiful global Geoparks in China.

5-day Amazing Zhangjiajie Tour from Shanghai

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