Korean Ethnic Minority

The Korean nationality has a population of 1,830,929 according to census 2010.

Most of them live in the three northeastern province of Jilin, Heilongjiang and Liaoning.

The largest Korean community is to be found in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture at the foot hills of the Long White Mountains, an area known for its beautiful natural scenery and mild climate.

The Koreans

The Koreans - A People Who Respect Their Old and Cherish Their Young

The Changbai Korean Autonomous County in the Long White Mountains in the southeastern part of Jilin province has another large community of Koreans.

These areas inhabited by Koreans enjoy abundant natural produce. Yanbian is a famous producing centre of rice and fruit in the north. The ginseng, sable and deer antler produced in these areas have long been known as the Three Treasures both in China and abroad.

The Koreans who now form a minority nationality in China are descendants of immigrants from the Korean Peninsula from the end of the seventeenth century.

Most of them use their own spoken and written language. A small number of them also know the Han or Japanese language. They are a nationality with higher level of education then the others.

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