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Make a Complaint

When can you make a complaint?

1.You think tour operators have failed to provide equal price and quality tour service.

2. You think tour operators have failed to perform according to the contract or agreement (on the travel contract).

3. You think your tour operators have caused you personal because of their negligence and fault.

4. You think your tour operators have caused damage and loss to your baggage because of their negligence and fault.

5. Tour operators and the employees take kickbacks and demand tips.

6. The things that you think your tourist operators cheat from you and harm your interest.

7. All other things that you think damage your benefit.

How to complain

Your complaint ought to be written and delivered to "quality inspecting institute" like an appeal. If you have difficult in writing, you may ask the tourist authorities to note down your dictation and sign your name by yourself. However, your complaint should have the following aspects. Otherwise, the Tourism Administration of "quality supervision" can reject your complaint.

1. You should carry out complaint within 60 days from the time when you know or ought to know your benefits have been damaged. You can make a complaint in the local place you are encroached on or return to the place of residence for complaints.

2. You must make it clear who have harmed your interest, such as the traveling agency, the guide, the hotel or all of them. Meanwhile, you should have their exact name written clearly.

3. You are also required to write your concrete complaint requests, such as asking for economic loss, requiring investigating the responsibility for breaking a contract etc. You ought to make sure to call a spade a spade.

4. You must give enough fact evidence for complaint, in other words, the concrete process and pertinent certificate material about your person or property losses should be presented in written form, such as the travel contracts, the loss certificates etc. Therefore, you should collect relevant certificate materials consciously when your benefit is damaged (usually in the journey or in non-local places). Because once you have returned to the departure place, it would be very difficult to gather those materials. It is the key of successful complaint that you must have beneficial and powerful certificate materials in hand.

5. You are also supposed to state clearly in your complaints the following items: your name, gender, nationality, profession, age, the name of the organization you work in and your address.

With the gradual standardization of the domestic tourist market now, the Tourism Bureau has set up "quality monitoring administration" everywhere, which is devoted to the admissibility of the complaint requests of the tourists. You can complain directly to the National Tourism Administration, to the "quality monitoring administration" in your location. Certainly, you can also complain to the local "consumers' association". The following are the telephone numbers of "quality monitoring administration".

To whom to complain?

"Tour Quality Supervision Administration" of National Tourism Administration

Postal code: 100740
Address: No.9 the main street in Jianguo Gate, Beijing
Telephone: (010)65275315 (010)65122096
Time for accepting and hearing: 8:30-12:00 14:30-17:00

Complaint Results

If the Tourism Administration of "quality supervision" does not think your complaint is admissible, it must give you a notice and state the reason for not accepting and hearing. But in most cases, the will accept and hear your complaint as long as you complain in the guidance of "How to Complain".

Within 30 days after you deliver your complaint appeal, you should hand in a written reply including the following contents to the Tourism Administration of "quality supervision": A. the events accused; B. process of the investigation and verification; C. fundamental fact and basis; D. responsibility and advice for treatment.

The Tourism Administration of "quality supervision" will re-exam accused persons or institutions about the written reply. Then in the following 15 days, the administration will inform you of the handling decision in form of "tourism decision on the handling of complaints" and will send notice to the accused persons in the meantime.

You can receive the handling decision within 45 days after your delivering the complaint appeal from the Tourism Administration of "quality supervision".

If you are not satisfied with the handling decision, you can appeal to the higher tourism authorities for a review of the complaints within 15 days since you receive the decision; If you are also dissatisfied with the outcome of the reconsideration, you can charge to the people's court within 15 days after receiving the reconsideration decision.

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