Massage Therapy

Massotherapy (massage) means to move the hands and fingers skillfully on human's skin and muscles. By doing this, tiredness will ease. This skill in China is called massotherapy.

Chinese Massage

According to history, a famous doctor named Bian Que used this method to treat a prince in Guo - an ancient Chinese nation. It is 2,000 years from Qin Dynasty to the present, so we can say that the massotherapy has a very long history. The earliest massotherapy in China is called Massotherapy Classics of Hunagdi, but unfortunately it had been lost. In the Medical Classics of Huangdi, the massotherapy method was mentioned several times. People in ancient times treated diseases like insensitive limbs, fainting etc by massotherapy.

There are two types of massotherapy. One is active massotherapy. It also called as Self-massaging. And the other type is passive massotherapy where the doctor massages the patients.. There are 8 massaging manners. They are harmonized by the doctor, and do not function in isolation.


Dislocation of joints, strain of lumbar muscles, muscular dystrophy, hemicrania, headache, trigeminal neuralgia, ribs neuralgia, femur neuralgia, sciatica, back and waist neuralgia, limbs joints (include the joints of shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, finger, toe) pains, convulsions of face, convulsion of intestines, muscle pains, arthritis, neurotic vomiting, dyspepsia, gastroptosis, constipation, gastritis, insomnia, dysmenorrheal, neurosis are all can be helped by massotherapy.


All kinds of acute infectious disease, acute myelitis, terbucle arthritis, infectious skin diseases, eczema, scald of hot water or fire, skin ulcer, tumor and so on. What is more, women in (menstrual) woman's period, pregnant above 5 months, acute peritonitis, acute appendicitis, or people who is too weak, too advanced age, or with cardiovascular system diseases can not be massaged.

Foot bath

Foot bath is one method in the foot treating system. Foot bath has very long history of about 3,000 years in the Chinese medical science. This is a combination of wisdom and experiences of Chinese people

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