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Shanghai Weather in December


In December, the main theme of the Shanghai weather is rain and wind. Although it seldom snows in Shanghai, rare snowy days are likely to occur in December. Thus the weather is rather different from that of northern China, because the former is not only colder than the latter, but also more damp.

Shanghai Weather


Down coats, sweaters, gloves, thick pants and warm shoes should be worn to keep warm. It’s better not to wear too much when you stay indoors equipped with air conditioners, so as to try and avert catching cold.

Travel Advice


Check Out the Bird's-Eye View of the City

Standing on the towering viewing platform of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, or of the World Financial Center, and looking down on chilly Shanghai from inside, you will access the widest panorama of the whole city, as if you were watching a blockbuster film produced by Hollywood.


Visit a Christmas Market

The less pleasant weather means that this is the low tourist season, when big discounts are offered by many hotels, restaurants and shops, thus making Shanghai a good place for celebrating Christmas. So get into the festive spirit and sort out your Christmas gifts this winter, with holiday discounts from Xintiandi, Nanjing Road and other fairs.

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