Student Travel

Nowadays, students like to travel around by themselves because they think contemporary has common interest and topics to chat.

There are many advantages of student travel.

In the first place, there is an old saying in China: You can learn more by travelling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books. Traveling around can broaden student’s vision, enrich their knowledge and open up their mind. In another word, travelling can improve the study efficiency of students.

China Student Travel

In the second place, traveling can let students get close to society and increase their social experience, thus improving their independent capability and judgment.

In the third place, travelling can help student relax. In school, students often face much pressure that comes from study, competition, teachers, parents or their unknown future. A wonderful trip can release their pressure and make them relaxed.

The last but not least, travelling with classmates is a precious asset of memory. When students graduate, what will go with them is the memory of the time when their classmates share with them. So travelling can also expand mutual understanding and friendship of students.

Travelling is not an easy thing. There are some tips that students should pay attention to.

  1. Before you leave home, check the weather forecast and avoid travelling to the places with bad weather that may cause natural hazard. For example, ID card is essential to purchasing flight tickets or train tickets and student’s identity card can help you enter into attractions with less money.
  2. Contact parents at regular intervals, telling them your whereabouts and your companions’ contact information which can help they find you if you encounter some emergencies.
  3. Pay attention to your student’s identity card, ID card, and bank card. Losing one of these will bring you a lot of trouble during traveling.
  4. Remember to bring a flashlight in case of the failure of electricity. In addition, if you travel to forest or climb mountain at night, a flashlight will help you to explore the way.
  5. Remember to bring a map or compass so that you will not get lost.
  6. Remember to bring enough drinking water. Drinking water is necessary for travelers, especially for the travelers who travel to the place that has no drinking water, such as sea or mountain.
  7. Prepare some common medicines for unexpected needs. When travelling, small injuries and minor ailments can hardly be avoided. Necessary medicines can help you cope with emergencies.
  8. Get far away with the dangerous areas, such as cliffs, deep water or somewhere beasts of preys live in. Because students’ power and ability cannot handle such dangers.
  9. Don’t believe in strangers. Many lawbreakers tend to cheat student travelers because they seem to have less social experience. Don’t believe in their words, cheap tickets, cheap touring party and cheap hotel.
  10. Remain collective spirit. It’s dangerous for a student leaving his team to act alone because wonderful trip sometimes happens with unknown danger and unity is the strength!

The characteristic of student travel is short time with large number of students. When the trip is started, students will be in a highly excited condition. So they should strengthen their self-defense awareness to have a unforgettable trip.

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