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The Popular Categories of Chinese Kites

Chinese kites have evolved in the last thousand years or so and it is divided into 6 main genres.They are Taiwan Kites,Jiangnan Kites,Nantong Kites,Tianjin Kites,Beijing Kites and Weifang Kites.Across these genres, 4 general forms emerge:

Centipede Kites

Centipede kitesCentipede kites are the quintessential, iconic and immensely popular kite forms used in China. These are complexly designed,segmented and lightweight kites that look like centipedes but with a dragon's head. The body is also adorned with feathers,giving it an ornamental, impeccable design.

The Chinese centipede kites are 3 dimensional with the dragon's head but the flat, disk-like body allows it to move in the air gracefully. When flown in the air, the centipede kite looks magnificent, like a mythical creature flying across the sky.
From a distance, the beauty of the dragon kite definitely offers incredible beauty in any event.

Hard Winged Kites

Hard Winged KiteHard Winged kites are normally representing winged animals, from insects to birds. The structure of these kites consists of a bamboo central structure with symmetrically arranged bamboo to the sides. Silk is glued on to the structure, creating a structure similar to sails. The most popular rigid kite is the Yangjiabu kite.

Normally, the kite is also ornately painted, giving it lovely texture especially if the size is significantly large. Richly ornamental kites normally take the form of the hard wing categories and you will definitely love its impeccable appeal.

Soft Winged Kites

Soft Winged KitesSoft Winged kites on the other hand only have rigid upper rims. The lower section of the kite is flexible, allowing the material to move and flow along with the wind. A giant goldfish kite would be a perfect example, with a solid central structure and its fins are more flexible. Creating the look like it is floating and swimming into the celestial sky.

There is something poetic about the flow of soft winged kites and they can also come in a wide range of designs, from birds, insects, and fish to other mythological or cultural symbols.

Flat Kites

Flat Kite


Flat kites are the quintessential, basic design of a kite that can take a lot of forms, normally diamond or square shaped.These are the basic, beginner's kites since they are easy to fly.

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