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Why the Great Qin Empire Died So Young

It might be a mission impossible for Ying Zheng to conquer six strong states in such as a short time. However, it seems even more impossible that the invincible Qin Dynasty existed for only 14 years. How could it happen?

Ruthless to People

According to historical document, the reason for the short-lived Qin Dynasty is its ruthless rule, its theoretical deviations from the rule of the state, and the immature theory of ruling the state.

The heavy taxation and retribution brought suffering and devastation to the working peasants. The dreadful and brutal ruling of Qin II , high-pressure policy of the eunuch Zhao Kao also attributed to the resistance of the peasants, making the contradictions between the peasant class and the landlord class impossible to reconcile. This accelerated the demise of the Qin Dynasty.

After the war for unification, people didn’t have time for recuperation and rest and the burden of servitude, military service, and taxation was heavy.

Not Enough Troops to Fight against Enemies.

Although Ying Zheng defeated six major enemies, he still had to fight against remnants of the six states. Besides, there were also other uprisings which were troubling him a lot. Furthermore, Ying Zheng began to construct his everlasting Terracotta Army. So Ying Zheng’s troops were not enough to cover so many problems.

Where is Qin Dynasty's Enemies

A key figure contributing to the demise of the state was Xiang Yu. The army of Xiang Yu, King of the Chu State, defeated the main forces of Qin in the battle of Julu, resulting in the rapid extinction of Qin. The main forces of Qin army was declared to be more than one million before the battle, where did it go?

In fact, after the unification, the territory rapidly expanded. States used to handle their respective frontier issues, but it had become the matter of Qin itself then. At that time, the Qin Dynasty did not have a particularly effective way to deal with issues of the border areas, so it could only send troops to guard them.

Where is Qin Dynasty's Troops

In the south, the 500,000 main forces of Qin army, led by Zhao Tuo, were invading the vicinity of Nanhai County. Because of the long distance, they did not return to Qin. Later, the nation of Qin perished and this group of people established the South Yue State in south of the five ridges.

The 300,000 troops in the north were led by Wang Li after Meng Kuo committed suicide by imperial order. There is no record in the Historical Records of whether the 300,000 soldiers were transferred back to the battlefields of the Central Plains.

However, from the perspective of Wang Li’s ending, some of these troops should participate in the battle of the Julu. There were also some soldiers who built the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. These troops were the main forces of the Qin Army, but they were all out of the court at that time.

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