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Nowadays, an increasing number of women would like to travel alone or in a group, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying the beauty of the nature and organizing their messy thoughts. However, for woman travelers, safety issues are of much importance. If woman travelers treat the safety issues lightly, suffer from harm or injury to some extent.

1.Woman travelers need to do much physical exercises before departure in case of poor physical strength.

2.Women traveling alone should avoid being gorgeously dressed. Wearing too much jewelry is prone to leaving others a bad impression and Cause unnecessary trouble.

Female Travelers

3.Be sure to tell your family members your itinerary, hotel name, contact phone number, check-in time and check-out time.

4.If a stranger offers to help you, even if it’s a woman, you should never lower your guard. Don’t disclose your personal information to any stranger. Especially, you should be on the alert to those crowded places, such as train stations and coach stations, where badmen usually wander and criminal incidents occurr frequently.

5.While taking a long-distance bus, women traveling alone had better get on the bus early and choose the seat beside the driver.

6.Woman travelers had better bring portable flashlights with them especially in those backward and remote areas. Besides, for safety’s sake, while taking subway at night, you’d better avoid staying at the last subway car. You’d better avoid taking a train at night because train stations are not so safe at night in some areas of China.

7.You should be on the alert at night because the public security at night in some areas differs from that of the day time.

8.For getting accommodation, you’d better choose these regular hotels.

9.Woman travelers had better go in a group, avoiding traveling alone.

10.In consideration of physical limitations, you’d better not make your itinerary too packed.

11.You’d better eat more fruits instead of drinking too much water because it’s not convenient for you to go to toilet during a journey.

12.Be sure not to explore dangerous places with high mountains, dense forests or rapid flow alone.

Women Travelers

13.Bear in mind that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. In China, some mosques or temples refuse female visitors. Thus, without permission, don’t darken the door.

14.Don’t bring precious belongings or baggage. Be extra careful with your valuables, such as your identification card, credit card, valuable jewelry, camera and video camera. According to scheduling, you need to bring necessary daily necessities (facial tissue, coats, folding umbrella), standby medications (carsickness, essential balm), sun glasses and telescope.

15.While in shopping malls or commercial buildings, you need to keep an eye on emergency exits, fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and safety zone. Once you come across fire disaster, remember not to take conventional lift.

16.Pay attention to drinking water health and don’t buy the goods out of date or without manufactures, date in produced or QS food quality and safety certification mark.

17.You must abide by the regulations of local scenic spots. Smoking, spitting everywhere, dropping litter carelessly or entering into the non-sightseeing area are forbidden.

18.Remember to respect local customs and make a point of civilization and manners while talking to local people.

19.Besides food safety, you should also be alert on the poisonous plants in the nature, especially in tropical forests of South China.

20.In order to prevent being bitten by snakes while traveling in the field, you’d better wear long pants and straw hat or sunhat. Besides, holding a stick or bamboo pole in your hand and whip grass can scare away snakes. In case that you are bitten by a snake, just take it slow and don’t do strenuous exercise.

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