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Andre's Feedback on 5 Days Guangzhou, Guilin Tour

Contribute by  Andre from Indonesia; Tour date: 3/18/2013

Dear Leon;

We arrived home safely and wish to thank you for arranging such a nice tour of Guilin, a memory which lingers for a very long time.

I like to point out the following remarks about the guide Jenny and the driver Mr. Meng.

Jenny has been an extremely nice and friendly guide throughout the tour. She did not rush the schedules and when we asked her to rest for a while she never complains.

She accommodated our request for a good barbecue pork, which she did. It was so nice we even returned to the same restaurant on our last day at Guilin.

When going down the steep stairways such as in the Seven Star Park and Reed Flute cave, Jenny held my elbow to prevent from falling. My wife held the handrail and I held her elbow.

When I wanted to buy a pant, Jenny gave some estimates about the price and recommended us where to go to prevent from being cheated. She also explained the figure that appears on the promo banner in stores to make us understand the way it works in Guilin related to discounts.

On the last day, she even helped us check in for the flight which we figured not part of her job but she did anyway.

The driver Mr. Meng is also an extremely friendly and nice person who always smiles.

My wife likes the way he drives. He never speeds and he also did not try to go faster when traffic was quiet which was good as it allows us to look at the city more.

When we were at the Banyan tree park, an emergency happened (the sole of my wife's shoes peeled off), so we stayed very short at the park. We talked to Jenny about going back to Yangshuo to buy shoes. When we were in the car, Jenny talked to Mr. Meng who apparently recommended that we buy slipper and he offered to bring the shoes to his house because downstairs of where he lives there was a shoe-repair man. If we agree with this arrangement, he would bring the shoes back on the date he picked us up for the airport. We agreed so we stopped at a traditional market in Yangshuo to buy slipper. This small gesture shown by both Jenny and Mr. Meng created the difference.

In summary, we are very happy with Jenny and Mr. Meng. Jenny was suffering from flu, but she maintained and showed the commitment of what a good guide should be. If we visit Guilin again, we would like to have her and Mr. Meng again. We would even recommend them to anyone who book their China tour through your good office.

Thank you for everything and next time we go to Guilin or anywhere in China, we would remember China Highlights.

Kind regards;


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