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Sara's Feedback on 17 Days Beijing,Xi'an,Guilin,Chengdu ,Mt.Emei,Leshan,Chengdu ,Chongqing,Yangtze,Yichang,Shanghai Tour

Contribute by  Sara from Israel; Tour date: 10/27/2005

Dear Leon, First let me say that our trip to China was GREAT! I expected all arrangement to run smoothly, and save a few "hickups", they did. 1. HOTELS - all hotels were as promised of 5 star class, and very well chosen. We were happy with ALL OF THEM. 2. ARRANGEMENTS - We were always met by our guide and driver, except for twice (these are the "hickups" I was talking about, but we were "compensated" by the local office for these inconveniences with dinner AND free foot massage. This, by the way, was beyond our expectations. The first time was in Guilin, when we were not met at the airport - but, I knew it was the fault of the Xian office who did not notify Guilin of our advanced flight (our flight was changed to an hour and a half early). BUT - the local guide, Forrest, came to meet us at the hotel (as we took a taxi from the airport) and offered us a free foot massage. The second time was in Wuhan at the bus stop, and the local guide gave us dinner as compensation in the hotel. Then came the local office manageress, to offer her apologies for the inconvenience at the bus station (we waited for 40 minutes), and gave us free foot massage that same evening. This was much BEYOND our expectations, and I was really moved by her attitude. We felt that these young staff of Wuhan really felt badly about our staying at the bus station and were trying to do their utmost to compensate us. 3. GUIDES - we were impressed, in general, by their enthusiasm, willingness to accommodate us to every whim, their flexibility, knowledge and their English. 4. SITES - were all as agreed in the itinerary. Just to mention our guide in Shaghai - Coco - who did her utmost for us: we wanted to visit the museum on our free day, and visit an art gallery instead - we gave her the website address of the gallery and she surfed the web to find out where it was. Neither she or the driver knew of this place, but they were fantastic in their efforts to accommodate us. Also, she arranged for the tickets to the museum so that we could use them the following day alone. She was really GREAT! I am glad I had booked with China Highlights! I think that you are the best in China, that you really cater for the individual tourist, and spend as much time in preparation, planning, and attention for just 2 people as you were for a group of 30. I must share with you my first impression of your services: When we were picked up at Beijing Airport by Fei our guide, the driver did not stop talking on his cellular phone on the way to the hotel. Fei saw that this disturbed us as we could not listen to her introduction in the car while hearing the driver chatting all the time. She immediately apologized for this, explaining that he was a hired car as the original car was in the garage, and that she would replace him the following day. Her words were: "I apologize for the driver's attitude".