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I's Feedback on 12 Days Chengdu, Lhasa, Gyantze, Shigatse, Naqju, Xining Tour

Contribute by  I from Malaysia; Tour date: 6/16/2012

Hi Sammi,

First of all, thank you for helping us in the coordination of the tour. Also in securing soft-sleepers for the train ride from Lhasa to Xining.

We were all fully aware of the possible altitude sickness that comes with the tour. I & my husband were among the lucky 6 that were not affected. 5 had slight headaches and it was really unfortunate that Lim Kiat Yee came down with pneumonia.

I would like to credit you for your efficiency in assisting with the medical emergency. I suppose we were rather anxious during that time and fail to understand what you were trying to tell us. It was a good thing that our friend was able to communicate with you in Mandarin, thus making it possible for us to see the picture clearer. Thank you once again.

After travelling for so many hours, Namtso lake was not as spectacular as we thought. We can actually skip off Namtso Lake. I suppose we had too high expectation of Namtso Lake. Yamdrok Lake seems to be better.

The 2 days tour in Chengdu was great!

Regarding the hotels. The only disappointment was the Shambhala Hotel. It was pretty run down. The only consolation was the location. Lhasa Tsetang Hotel is definitely a better choice. Breakfast was good too. Both Gyantze & Shigatse Hotel were just as good. Similarly with Tianfu Sunshine Hotel in Chengdu.

Just a suggestion for your future planning - since Gyantze is so near to Shigatse, it would be better to stay in Shigatse Hotel for 2 nights instead of 1 night each for Gyantze & Shigatse. Believe me, travellers dislike to unpack & pack too often.

The guides were all very professional and did a fantastic job.

Even during the airport transfer in Xining, the guide gave a good commentary about the city.....sorry forgot her name.

I also think it is a good idea to have the evaluation form as this will keep the guides on their toes.

We travelled with China Highlights to Shanxi district in October 2010 and was pleasantly pleased with the arrangements. And that is why we chose you again for Tibet. Our next destination will be the Silk Road and I believe China Highlights will not disappoint us.

Thanks & regards


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