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Arturo's Feedback on 7 Days Beijing, Xian, Shanghai Tour

Contribute by  Arturo from Philippines; Tour date: 10/20/2011

Dear Ms. Gong:

We have just arrived today from a 6 day tour to Beijing-Xian-Shangahai. This trip for 26 guests was prepared and planned by Ms. Zheng with me.

I can say that Ms. Zheng work was excellent. She was very helpful, consultative, and patient especailly in the midst of some unforeseen event that happened along the way. She displayed flexibility, attention and assistance all the way.

I can say that as far as the organization and preparation of the trip, I will give ms. Zheng an excellent rating.

Very truly yours,

Arturo Ang

tour leader

To customer care

As the tour leader, my expectations were met. Many of my guests were so impressed with the preparation and how the tour went well. Many of them said it was very much worth the time spent and the tiredness from so much walking.

This was the third time I brought such a big group in China but what was so interesting in this trip was that we went farther to Xian and all went smoothly.

Listening to my guests, I guess the best attraction was the GReat Wall of china and the Terracota Warriors. By these two attractions alone, the guests were already impresses.

We had three guides:

1. Sam in Beijing. Sam's ability to communicate was quite limited. And Sam seemed cannot hold very much such a big group. He is kind though and courteous but seemed not very interested with his guests.

2. Johnny's language and knowledge was excellent.  He was so passionate with his work and really went all the way for us to learn the history of Xian.  He has a strong command and can hold a group.  We were able to accomplised everthing in Xian.  Although he was quite strict and not very friendly but all of us did not mind the important thing was that he went all the way to make the tour in Xian exciting. Many of the guests made a 'WOW' REMARKS for Johnny's outstanding work.

3. Steven in Shanghai was also excellent for the fact that he was very friendly, smiles a lot make some jokes and very accommodationg and flexible  and that makes our lst leg of the tour very relaxing. Steven relax attitude and personality made our Shanghai tour also very relaxing.

4. Drivers' - We had no problem with the drivers. We only noticed once that upon entering the bus the bus smelled cigarette.  I brought this attention right away to the guide. The bus in xian looked old and not very clean.

5. The hotels were fine and location was nice very close to some sites.  You were correct: the food was really a variation especially that in some instance were brought to the local restaurant.  Almost all of my guests were satisfied with the food and the places we went to. We had a lot of fun for the different dumplings. However, we looked forward to the Peking duck but we were so in a hurry that we did not enjoy the meals because we had to run to the show.  We arrived in the restaurant quite late. We had to forced some guests to stop eating otherewise we will mis the show

6.We went shopping. But I suggest we go to the local market especially in /Beijing for our next trip. All we saw at nanjing road are winter apparels.

7. Vanessa was a WOW the preparation was excellent and she was very helpful and flexible in the midst of crisis. The information of the trip trhough emails were excellent. Johnny was a WOW for his eloquent, knowledge, systematic and organized handling can command and hold a big group.The city of Xian was a WOW charming! The Kung Fu show everybody loved it I suggest that for the Acrobatic show the Magnolia( old) theater) was more impressive.

Thank you for all your efforts. I am sure all my firends will talk of their expereince and as of now I am preparing another group for April.


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