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Judah's Feedback on 1 Day Shanghai Tour

Contribute by  Judah from ; Tour date: 12/19/2015, Tour Code: SHALC-33

Hey Vanessa! 

I arrived home safely after a long but amazing trip in China.I want to thank you deeply for making my Trip to Shanghai such a pleasant one. As you know my first memories of China were rough, from falling into the 450 rmb taxi trap to my wrong hotel at 2 am in the morning to not being able to contact you about changing the location of my meeting. I was stressed and wondering if I had made a mistake in coming by myself to China. After a day of confusion I finally figured out a way to get in contact with you, Gratefully you answered your phone on the weekend and fixed my meeting point. My trip seemed to be turning around!. I received a phone call from a Sophie Lee a few hours before hand. With my mind still confused if I made the right choice in coming here I got dressed and went into the elevator. When I was greeted by a Chinese girl, She greeted me by asking if my name was "Mr Bean" (I'm 19 years old but I adore the respect haha). Her Friendly face and positive spirit made my feelings do a complete 180 turn, after the short but amazing 3 hour tour. Another time I asked if we could see the Pearl tower, we had a misunderstanding and while I was waiting for 20 minutes down stairs in the hotel Lobby she was waiting outside the Pearl Tower in the RAIN. I felt so bad that I diden't even feel like going out that night, I asked if she would come to my hotel and just help me get dinner then I would pay for her taxi and time then send her home. She came to my Hotel and took me to a fast food place, she then asked if I wouldn't mind just staying there and talking. Before I knew it, 2 and a half hours had gone by. It was great, I told her that I diden't consider her a tour guide anymore.. but I considered her a friend (and that she also needed to stop calling me Mr Bean and start calling me Judah haha). I insisted on paying her something for her time but she just wouldn't take it. 

We still keep in touch to this day, I want you to know that you have a VERY hard worker. I will be returning to Shanghai and I will be using this Agency (hopefully getting Sophie Lee again). Also wanting to thank you, if you did not answer your phone on the weekend (which would of made sense) I would of been out the money BUT you took time out of your own day to make sure I could have an enjoyable experience. I have never received such great customer service.

Thank You,

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