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ANDREW's Feedback on 5 Days Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo Tour

Contribute by  ANDREW from ; Tour date: 12/26/2015

Hi Vanessa

thank you for all your help - we would be especially grateful if you could thank once again our excellent guide Foster. We're very happy to answer your questions and give our feedback and please don't hesitate to use any of this if it's helpful to you. Where my comments may appear a little critical - these are intended only for your information and they're not meant as serious criticisms  - I am very aware of how lucky travelers are - I would not want to appear ungrateful or  that I take such things lightly or for granted. I wish only to give some pointers which might be helpful. Nothing that we encountered would put me off visiting again or recommending your services. We will tell everyone how great our visit was :

We loved our trip - everything went so well and we were really impressed by the whole experience. Our guides and helpers were all very professional - on time  - cheerful, knowledgeable and as helpful as you could possibly hope for. They all made us feel very at ease and we were especially impressed by their language skills and their commitment to ensuring that everything ran smoothly - this was very important because we needed to make a number of transfers between different transport and certainly needed help with this as this was our first time in China. Your guides made sure we got as much help as we needed - please thank them - they were all excellent.

The choice of itinerary was great and suited perfectly our requests and there was easy flexibility to make changes according to our interests and even the weather on the day.  We loved the river trip - astounding. The sheer scale and magnificence we will never forget. But we found so much of what we saw just fantastic  - from the immense caves of Guilin to simply visiting your train station! It was all very interesting and exciting. We felt a real optimism and warmth everywhere we went.

It is worth saying a word or two about how very friendly everyone we encountered was. We really felt very safe everywhere and we walked around at night a lot exploring cities and the countryside. It's not that we were expecting to feel unsafe  -  we weren't - but as we have traveled a lot in the world we can make an informed comparison and China is a very relaxed and safe place to be. Nobody bothers you and if you do need to ask for help or directions people are as kind and helpful as you could wish for - certainly I would be very proud to know that my own compatriots were as kind and helpful to visitors here as the Chinese we met.

One thing that really struck us was just how happy most of the people appeared to be wherever we went. And another thing was that we never heard any shouting or kids crying - this might seem a small thing but for us it was striking.

Lastly I would like to thank Foster once again for making our trip very special and being such a fun, informative and helpful guide. Thanks too to Mr Tan our driver. I would be very pleased to know that our thanks had been passed on to  them.

Thank you too Vanessa for making all this happen - given that my passport was a little limited at the time of our visit, that it was the 'holidays' and that we asked to do all this at such short notice.

Very best wishes.


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