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Those old Beijing memories...


Hutongs have become one part of traditional Chinese culture. To explore old hutongs has been things not to miss in Beijing. Are you interested in traveling in old Beijing's hutongs? Here we introduce top 8 hutongs for visiting in Beijing.

Top 8 Hutongs to visit in Beijing

South Luogu Lane

South Luogu Lane (南锣鼓巷)

Located in Dongcheng District, South Luogu Lane has a long history. The area is narrow and still keeps old streets and hutongs of the Yuan Dynasty. The lane was first constructed in the Yuan Dynasty, and expanded in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. With a total length of over 1000 meters, South Luogu Lance has 8 symmetric hutongs in the West and East. Because its symmetric arrangement, it looks like a centipede so it is also called as "Centipede Street".

Now South Luogu Lane is an important ancient street to protect in Beijing. There are dozens of shops along the lane such as silk shops, restaurants, silver shops and tea houses.

Nearby attractions: the Prince Gong's Mansion and Shicha Lake

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Yandaixiejie (烟袋斜街)

Yandaixiejie is situated at the core of Shicha Lake historical and cultural protection Zone. It is about 300 meters long, and had been listed into one of eight important specialty shopping streets in 2007.

Meandering as a pipe with a tobacco pouch, Yandaixiejie is amusingly known as Tobacco Pouch Street. What's more, it is said that people in the north liked to smoke pipe tobacco and shisha tobacco in the Qing Dynasty. In order to meet smokers' demand, there are more and more tobacco pouch shops along the street. Now you can buy some smoke sets and handicrafts in Yandaixiejie.

Nearby attractions: Guo Moruo's Former Residence and the Drum Tower

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Maoer Hutong

Maoer Hutong (帽儿胡同)

Maoer hutong starts at South Luogu Lane in the East, and extend to the outside Street of Di'anmen (Floor quietness Gate) in the West. It was known as Wenchang Palace Hutong in the Ming Dynasty, and changed its name into Maoer hutong in the Qing Dynasty because it was a workshop to make hats.

Maoer hutong promotes its fame because some famous Chinese lived in the area. There are some famous well- perverted siheyuan (courtyard house) such as Feng Guozhang Former Residence and Wan Rong Former Residence.

Nearby attractions: Maodun Former Residence

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Imperial Academy Street

Imperial Academy Street(国子监街)

Imperial Academy Street is one of rare well-revered ancient streets in Beijing. It has existed about 700 years since the Confusion Temple was built. It is precious to see pailous in the streets.

Imperial Academy Street is between Yonghe Lamasery Avenue and the inside street of Anding Gate. It was constructed at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. In fact, it should be known as Chengxian Street, however, it is more widely known as Imperial Academy Street. Now it is the only street with pailous in Beijing.

Nearby attractions: Imperial Academy and the Confucian Temple

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Liulichang (琉璃厂)

Located in Xicheng District, Liulichang is also known as glass factory cultural street. Near Tian'anmen Square, the street is about 800 meters long. It was called Haiwang (the king of sea) Village, and changed its name into Liulichang in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Liulichang was a place to make glazed products for the royal palace in Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and became a famous culture street to enjoy excellent antiques.

It was the largest book market in the Qing Dynasty. A lot of shops along the street have a long history. The Water Margin in the Beijing Library was contributed by Laixun Palace, an old shop of Liulichang starting in the Qing Dynasty. Now Liulichang is a great street to enjoy Chinese paintings and calligraphy in Beijing.

Nearby attraction: Ji Xiaolan's Former Residence

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Goldfish Hutong

Goldfish Hutong (金鱼胡同)

With a length of 567 meters, Goldfish Hutong starts at Dongdan North Avenue in the East, and extends to Wangfujing Street in the west. The hutong was constructed in the Ming Dynasty. Na Family's Garden in the north was the biggest house in this area. Natong was the secretary of the grand council during the Qing Dynasty and seemed was from Empress Dowager Cixi's family. However, the old narrow streets have gone, and the view of the street is different. And Natong's house is Beijing Peace Hotel now. The night of Goldfish Hutong is the highlight of the street in Beijing.

Nearby Attractions: Wangfujing and Wangfujing Catholicism Church

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East Jiaomin Lane

East Jiaomin Lane(东交民巷)

East Jiaomin Lane is also known as Beijing Legation Quarter. The Lane is nearly 3 kilometers long, and is the longest hutong in Beijing. Tian'anmen Square East Road is in the west, and Chongwenmen Inside Avenue is the east. The hutong was a key place to transport grain in ancient time, so it was called Dongjiang Rice Lane. East Jiaomin Lane and West Jiaomin Lane together were called River Rice Lane in the Yuan Dynasty, and were apart in the Ming Dynasty.

East Jiaomin Lane had the Welcome Palace which offers temporary accommodations for foreign officials in the Qing Dynasty. And a lot of Western style buildings were constructed after the Opium War. Now some of the western style houses are well preserved, which attracts numerous oversea travelers.

Nearby Attractions: Lao She's Teahouse and Tian'anmen Square

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West Jiaomin Lane

West Jiaomin Lane ( 西交民巷)

Together with East Jiaomin Lane, it was built in the Yuan Dynasty. With a total length of about 1080 meters, some government institutions were set there in the Ming Dynasty. New Chinese Coins Museum is located in the West Jiaomin Lane. West Jiaomin Lane is a hutong that full of old banks with a long history.

Nearby Attraction: Tian'anmen Square

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