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Those Unforgettable Nights in China...


When dusk comes, there are outstanding great night scenes in a lot of cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chongqing. Lighten by thousands of lights, you will get a different experience from the daytime. Walking along the Bund in Shanghai has been on numerous travelers' travel lists. Have you been touched by wonderful night scenes? Here China Travel provides you with the best night scenes in China to have a great night experience. ©

Top Night Views in China

Hong Kong by Night

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the top 3 night scenes in China, and Victoria Harbor and Victoria Peak at night are the most spectacular night scenes in Hong Kong. There are top 3 places to view the beautiful night scenes including Tsim Sha Tsui, Victoria Harbor and Victoria Peak. Tsim Sha Tsui is the main tourists' destination and shopping area in Kowloon. There are a lot of museums, entertainment centers, restaurants and bars where you can have a vivid night life.

Located in the south of Kowloon Island, it's a good place to glance at Central and Wan Chai on the opposite side of Victoria Harbor. And you can get the top of Victoria Peak, also known as the Peak to have a panoramic night scene of Hong Kong. In addition, there is a short performance that about 40 famous skyscrapers cooperated with music and narration to introduce the buildings of Hong Kong. The show starts at 20:00 every night in English, Cantonese or Mandarin. You can also take a boat along the Victoria Harbor to enjoy Hong Kong's night scene.

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Shanghai Night


Night scenes in Shanghai consist of the Bund, Xintiandi, Xujiahui, Anting Old Street, Huaihai Road, Jing'an Temple, Lujiazui, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, People's Square, and Putuo Section of Suzhou Creek. The Bund, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street are the most outstanding night scenes in Shanghai.

The Bund is a symbol of Shanghai's night scene. As one of the most popular attractions in Shanghai, the Bund has a variety of buildings with different architecture styles such as Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. Lujiazui in Pudong Area stands for the modern Shanghai, and have hundreds of skyscrapers such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower. To take a cruise along the Huangpu River is a great choice to see the night of Shanghai.

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Beijing by night


Why Beijing's night scene is on the list of top night scenes in China? You can not only experience a modern night life, but also a classical night view.

Tian'anmen Square is a hot destination to enjoy a night scene in Beijing, and you can have a glance at ancient imperial buildings in the square. And you can see a modern night scene in Bird's Nest, the Water Cube, and bustling CBD near Beijing China World Trade Center. Shicha Lake and Sanlitun Bar Street are good places to enjoy a different Beijing. Located in the Northwest bank of Chaoyang Park, Solana Blue Harbor is loved by young people to enjoy a romantic European night scene in Beijing.

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Chongqing by night


Situated at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Jialing River, Chongqing is famous as a mountain city. Due to its geography, you can have a grand view of buildings which are stand upright along the rivers.

Yikeshui (One Tree) Sightseeing Stand in South Mountain is a great destination to see the whole Chongqing at night. You can also visit the E'ling Park to see the night of Chongqing. South Riverside Road is an absolutely great place to view Jiefangbei and Chaotianmen which are the most prosperous part of Chongqing. The Two Rivers Cruise can bring you a short-distance and deep-experience journey of the night in Chongqing.

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Guangzhou by night


Someone said night scene in Guangzhou is similar to Hong Kong, however, I don't agree with it. Guangzhou has its unique night scene with various night life. Guangzhou has another card -White Cloud Mountain where you can see a magnificent night scene consisting of numerous houses lights and cars.

The Pearl River night cruise starts at Xidi Dock with a two hours journey which is an essential trip of Guangzhou's night scene. With a length of 610 meters, Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower is a new landmark of Guangzhou. Besides, Shangxiajiu and Beijing Road, and Tianhe Shopping Center are popular night destinations in Guangzhou.

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Nanjing by night


Nanjing, named as Jinling in ancient time, was the capitals of 6 emperors in old times. Nowadays, it still keeps old ancient capital sceneries. Confucius Temple (Fuzi Temple) and Qinhuai River are the most popular destinations to view the night scene in Nanjing. Xuanwu Lake Park is another good place to view the different night scene.

Confucius Temple was originally built in the Song Dynasty to memorize Confucius who was a Chinese great thinker and educator. There are a lot of ancient constructions in the area. To take a boat along the Confucius Temple and Qinhuai River can view the essence of the night of Nanjing.

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Dalian by night


If you come to Dalian, you can enjoy a beauty of seashore at night. Haizhiyun Square, Navy Square and Victory Road Lookout are the hottest attractions at night. There are fountains in Navy Square, People's Square and Star Sea Square.

Green Mountain View is the best place to see the night of Dalian. You can walk along the Victory Road to the Star Sea Square where there is open-air dance before 21:00 and fountain show after 21:00 in the evening. It takes about one hour and a half to walk from Victory Road to Navy Square.

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Chengdu by night


Chengdu, one of the most leisure cities in China, is also the center of Southwestern China. It is not only famous for its giant pandas and natural scenery, but also a popular destination for night scenery. Travelers can go to Chunxi Road (the busiest road in Chengdu) to experience a modern night journey and Tian'fu Square to see its music fountain.

Jinli Street, Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley and Wenshu Monastery are popular places to experience old street night scenery different from Chunxi Road's modern scenery. At the same time, the streets are good places to do some shopping for Chengdu's souvenirs in the evening. In addition, travelers can also visit Fu'nan River and Qintai Road to see a different Chengdu.

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Wuhan by night


Wuhan, the provincial capital of Hubei Province is the location of Chu Kingdom in ancient times. It is a modern city in the middle of China on the Yangtze River. It gets its name because of the combination of Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge at night shows travelers a charm of the riverside city.

Other excellent places to see the night scenery include Guqintai, Ganggu Walking Street, Wuhan University, Northwest Lake, Wuhantiandi, Hankou River Beach, Donghu Cherry Park and Jianghanguan. Travelers can also take a cruise at Yuehan Dock to see Wuhan's night highlights with one hour and 45 minutes journey.

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Xian by night


Xi'an, also known as Chang'an in ancient China, is one of the four famous capitals in ancient times. You can experience a completely different night scene from a modern city. Here you can view a night life of traditional Chinese capital. Tang Paradise which is a large scale imperial garden of Emperor Xuanzhong during the Tang Dynasty is the best place to enjoy the night of Xi'an.

In the north square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an Music Fountain at night is attractive. Big Wild Goose Pagoda and ancient constructions are highlights during the daytime and at night. And Muslim's Quarter is not only a food paradise, but also a wonderful destination to enjoy a night life.

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Macau by night


Macau at night is more dazzling than the daytime. A lot of travelers are attracted by Macau during the daytime; however, they don't know the night is even better. Famous attractions such as Largodo Senado, Clube Militar de Macau, Ruins of St. Paul, museums and Bar Street are more outstanding at night. The most recommended place to see the night scene is Largodo Senado.

You can see night scene of Dangzi Island at Largodo Senado. In addition, Lisboa Casino which is one of the popular landmarks, is the extremely bright at night. Of course, the life in Lisboa Casino just starts at night.

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Lhasa by night


Lhasa is a must-visit destination for every traveler who heads to Tibet. Its mysterious Buddhism culture and beautiful snow mountains have attracted a large number of travelers from the whole world. At night, local people get together to dance and relax in front of the Potala Palace, great night scenery of Lhasa. The Potala Palace at night is another different scenic picture of Tibet.

Tibet is a special area for both Chinese and foreign travelers, and the night of Lhasa is a completely different from other modern cities in China. However, foreign travelers need a Tibet Travel Permit and have to be accompanied by a legal Chinese tour guide when you travel to Tibet.

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