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Pazhou Complex and Liuhua Complexes

Pazhou Complex

Pazhou Complex

The new Pazhou Complex, built for the China Import and Export Fair, is located on Pazhou Island, southeast of the city of Guangzhou. This exhibition center has a unique design, beautiful environment, and comprehensive facilities for conferences, exhibitions, and commercial negotiations. Its modern architecture perfectly combines ergonomics, practicality, ingenuity, and environmental protection.

Pazhou Complex covers a total of 700,000 square meters (7,500,000 square feet) with the building area being 395,000 square meters (4,300,000 square feet). 16 exposition halls have been constructed, including a 160,000-square-meter (1,700,000-square-foot) indoor exhibition area and a 22,000-square-meter (240,000-square-foot) outdoor exhibition area. These 16 exhibition halls host exhibitions, performances, and large scale gatherings. It is currently the largest complex of its type in Asia.

The Pazhou Complex is designed as a smooth line, with a lower northern part and higher southern part, which symbolizes the dynamic design idea of floating. The roof is a "floating" curvy wave, which is like the landscape of Pazhou Island and Zhujiang River, so it blends smoothly into the environment. This design concept is unique in the world. Viewed from above, Pazhou Complex resembles a cloud floating along Zhujiang River. Viewed from the east, it is like a carp jumping onto the south bank of Zhujiang River.

Liuhua Complex

Liuhua Complex

The Liuhua Complex was first put into use in 1974 and covers a ground area of 170,000 square meters (1,800,000 square feet). It is famous throughout the world for holding 2 sessions of the China Import and Export Fair per year. The complex is located at the intersection of 4 main roads in Guangzhou City, the most prosperous "golden zone." Liuhua Complex has a very good reputation and credit standing, and has become the first choice for the exhibition with its convenient transportation and logistics and flourishing local business.

Guangzhou is the biggest and fastest developing city in South China, a good economic location with open and reformed policies with recognition of commerce. As the background of huge commercial activity, 80-100 exhibitions are held in the Liuhua Complex every year. This makes it a top-level exhibition center, holding the most trade fairs and with the largest scale and most prestige in Guangzhou, and even in South China. There are many themes and industries displayed in these exhibitions such as furniture, architecture and decoration, hairdressing, leather, telecommunications, motors, internet printing, and advertisement. Most of the exhibitions are well known and very attractive, and are not only ranked top in South China, but also nationally.

Liuhua Complex is constantly updated to keep pace with development. Tremendous capital and investment have been put into improving its premises and facilities, which makes it better and better as time goes by so that it can host all kinds of exhibitions. The governing institution of Liuhua Complex, the Foreign Trade Group of China, has a professional staff that delivers excellent services. They consistently update their exhibition services and have over 40 years of experience. Service level improvements and market response expediting are always their focus points. The group's mission is to deliver full service with customer-focused orientation.

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