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China earthquake

China Aftershocks May Continue For Mounths:expert

Date: 2008-5-27 By Cactus Source: Xinhua

The aftershocks following May 12 earthquake that devastated southwest China are likely to continue for two or three months, said an expert on seismology.
"Judging from previous earthquakes of a similar magnitude, this time the aftershocks may last for two or three months, and it's not relatively long," said He Yongnian, former deputy director of China Seismological Bureau (CSB) and a seismologist, in an online interview on xinhuanet.com.

China earthquake

Strong Aftershock Destorys 71,000 Homes, 2 Killed

Date: 2008-5-25 By Cactus Source:chinadaily.com.cn/Agencies

CHENGDU, China -- A powerful aftershock destroyed tens of thousands of homes in China on Sunday, killing two people and straining recovery efforts from the country's worst earthquake in three decades. More than 480 others were injured.
Meanwhile, soldiers rushed with explosives to unblock a debris-clogged river threatening to flood homeless quake survivors.

China earthquake

Hard-hit County To Be Rebuilt On A New Site

Date: 2008-5-22 By Chinatravel Source:By Zhang Haizhou (China Daily)

MIANYANG, Sichuan - Beichuan, one of the worst-hit areas in the May 12 quake, will be rebuilt on a new site.
The location has not been decided, but it is likely to be on the flat land of neighboring Anxian county, 20 km from the current site, an official with the Sichuan provincial government said.

China earthquake

Sichuan Earthquake Caused Damage to Tourist Attractions in the Region

Date: 2008-5-20 By coconut

The deadly earthquake hitting Sichuan province in May 12 and the thousands of aftershocks damaged the region’s tourist attractions to different extent. According to preliminary estimates, the tourist sights in Beichuan region and Dujiangyan Tourist Region such as the Qingcheng Mountain Tourist Zone and Ewang Temple were badly damaged and the economic loss expects to reach 12 hundred million. Fortunately, the Dujiangyan Irrigationg Project was only slightly affected and still can function normally.

China earthquake

A Miracle in Wenchuan 7.8 Richter scale Earthquake

Date: 2008-5-20 By Chinatravel

Suffering from the killer 7.8 Richter scale earthquake and thousands of aftershocks, the famous tourism attraction-Qiang Village in the epicenter Wenchuan still stands firm and erect. None of the houses in the village collapsed entirely. More important, none of the 500 villagers or 20 tourists was dead or even injured. What a miracle it is!

When the reporter reached the Qiang Village at 7am May the 18th, he surprisingly discovered

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