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China National Day 2017


China National Day

About China National Day

October 1st is the anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and celebrated as China’s National Holiday. An important occasion, the holiday is celebrated all of the People’s Republic of China. Since the National Party Plenum meeting in May 1999, Chinese people have been guaranteed a week off during the holiday, turning the holiday into both a patriotic and economic fixture of the Autumn season. In folk parlance, National Day is referred to as one of the “Golden Weeks”, of the year, the other one being the week during the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Chinese emblem

Symbols of China

  • National Flag: The national flag of China is red and rectangular. The proportion between its length and height is 3:2. There are five yellow stars on the upper-left. The larger one is circled by the other four smaller ones on its right.
  • National Anthem :The national anthem of China is March of the Volunteers.
  • National Emblem :The national emblem of China comprises of Tiananmen Gatetower which is under five stars, encircled by ears of grain and with a gear wheel below.
  • National Flower:Tree Peony is regarded as the national flower of China.
  • National Treasure: Giant Panda is regarded as the national treasure of China.
Beijing travel guide

Capital of China

Beijing is the capital city of People's Republic Of China. Beijing is the heart of politics, economy, transportation, culture and art of this great country. As a most ancient municipality on this planet, Beijing is also home to a large number of natural wonders, manmade miracles and cultural heritage, which not only belongs to China, but also to the whole world. Functioning as a window for China to communicate with the outside world, Beijing is a dynamic city with a full range of industries and a place where many cultures meet and blend.

China travel essentials

China Travel Essentials

When to go: Most parts of China are located in temperate zones. Areas in the south lie in tropical and sub-tropical zones, while those in the north are close to cold temperate zones.

Getting around: Be informed about China's standard transportation conditions. Find out how to take a taxi and the procedure for taking train in China.

China Shopping: Shopping in China can be an art to be learned.

China Airline Baggage Allowance: Details on Luggage allowance regulations for airlines.

Travel Insurance: We strongly advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover any overseas medical costs. Ensure that you insurance covers you for the whole time you will be away and confirm what is included in the policy.

Top National Day Destinations

Top National Day Destinations

For visiing during National Day, we recommend the following destinations, read more