China in Summer

Summer time, where to travel for a cool summer?

With school vacations and work breaks coming, you are probably on the search for a summer holiday. China must be among your wish list. Summer lasts from early May to late September in China. Every destination sure has its charm during different span of time. Read the following bullet points before you plan a summer vacation in China.

Best Recommended Destinations

While Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai are the must-go destinations or entry city, you might consider these places, too.

Guilin tours


Guilin offers a full package for a wonderful summer holiday, no matter easy-peasy tour to the Elephant Trunk Hill, or in-depth experience of rock-climbing in Yangshuo.

Summer holiday in Guilin, the biggest reason is the gorgeous Li River. It rains a lot during summertime in Guilin and the Li River brings out her best during time time from April to September. Fun comes from activities related to water or natural hide-outs. Potholing into many karst caves, Reed Flute Cave for one example, not only means for an adventure but also a great way to cool off. Boating or river drifting in Yangshuo are very exhilarating.

Guilin’s neighbors, Longsheng and Sanjiang, can also make excellent summer trips. The Longji Rice Terrace Fields in Longsheng is a sight for sore eyes. In early June, people start watering the fields, locally known as Fangshui (放水), before Grain in Ear(9th solar term). After it’s done, the mountains are donned with greenery.

Besides completely beautiful landscape, in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, summertime encounters with some interesting field working and traditional festivals. Pick a right time to come, you may not want to miss: Fresh-Tasting Festival (尝新节) in late July, Songfest (歌节) and Bull-Fight Festival (斗牛节) in mid August.

Recommended travel time is July to August. Whenever you decide to travel, check the week’s weather first before you travel to Guilin in summer. An umbrella and sun hat are always a must.

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Huangshan Tours


Clear eye view and easy to walk, Huangshan, which is also called as the Yellow Mountain, is excellent for trekking in summer. It presents a visual adventure, let alone a brave trek along its rickety walkways. Other than the awesome vistas, it makes a thrilling summer trip also for cool temperature. The average temperature in summer is 12-20°C (54-68°F), making a cool, even a bit cold trip on the mountain top.

If mountain trekking is not your thing, we suggest you check out the obscure villages in Hongcun or Xidi. The sun rises early, so do the hard-working villagers. Go wandering about their houses or watch them work on fields, that is such a strong sense of life that you might find quite touching. Bright colors of the villages and fields are ideal for a photography tour or a quick sketch.

Other way,stretch out to Wuyuan, located in Jiangxi Province, just 2 hours away from Huangshan. Technically, the peak tourism season of Wuyuan is in April for rape follower blossom. As summer enters, the crowds ebb, and the humble villages are back in peace and just fine to visit. 

For the Yellow Mountain and its mountain-foot villages, July to early September is the possible best time. Avoid the crowds, Wuyuan is best to be visited during late May to early August. A bottle of mosquito repellent is need.

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The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River

Before the grand Three Gorges Dam was built, the region or the Yangtze River used to suffer from floodings during summertime. Story is different nowadays and traveling to the Yangtze River during summer brings more than a holiday.

Except for refreshing river wind and fascinating scenery, there’s something more you should expect while traveling to the Yangtze River in summer: frequent deals on the Yangtze River cruises and other travel packages, because it is not the peak tourism season; days of total relaxation while cruising along the river; extremely marvelous views of the roaring water at the Three Gorges Dam; seasonal food and fruits to for your taste buds; extension visit to Wulong (武隆) at its best landscape.

The temperature from late April to early September waves from 20-28°C (68-83°F). We’d recommend you take the cruise during May to August. An overcoat is still necessary during summer for cruising nights can get very cold.

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Tibet Tours


Cool weather and awesome vistas, both natural and cultural, grants Tibet as one of the best destinations for your summer travel.

A summer exploration should be made during July and August. In most areas of Tibet, summer lasts from May to August with average temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F).  Also, it is the time with the highest air oxygen content. These make it a comfortable and easy trip to explore its various highlights.

For this time of the year, trekking to the Mt. Everest, visiting the Yomdrok Lake or joining those pilgrims at Mountain Kailash, are made for a dreamer’s utmost fulfillment. What’s even better is a train travel from Qinghai or Yunnan.

Try to avoid coming in May and late July, which the 7-day vacation of Labor’s Day and Sholton Festival fall. Cost goes up drastically and you can stumble onto horrible crowds at every corner.

Given 20 days is needed for a Tibet Travel Permit, it is suggested you plan the trip at least 1 month ahead. You need to protect yourself from the strong ultraviolet ray, and sunglasses, sunblock, hat and a light coat should be in your backpack.

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>Guizhou Travel

Guizhou Province

Talk about a cool summer, Guizhou is a lead-pipe cinch. With the average temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F), a summer holiday in Guizhou is blessed with amazing landscapes (mostly waterfalls and mountains) and colorful minority lives.

Besides the classical Huangguoshu Waterfalls in Anshun, you should make a bee-line for Qiandongnan (aka Southeastern Guizhou). Here, find your way to the villages of the Miao people in Kaili, Xijiang and Zhenyuan. Traditional festivals during summer include: the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (龙舟节) in the early June, Fishing Festival (捕鱼节) in July, Flower Mountain Festival (花山节) in July or August, New Rice Festival (新禾节) in the mid August. During these special occasions, you don’t need to get invited, walking around the villages can make yourself a part of the celebration.

Travelers to Qiangxinan (aka Southwestern Guizhou) are mostly headed for the drifting on the Maling River (马岭河) in Xingyi City. Think of a bigger bang on your buck, the drifting lasts 13.8km (8.6 miles) on earth cracks and gives you countlessly unexpected heart bumps.

A pair of good anti-slippage shoes are essential for trekking. Leave valuable belongings to hotel receptionist before you set off for river drifting because you don’t want those things to get soaking wet like you.

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White sand and swaying coconut grove, Sanya is always a go-to answer when asked about a summer holiday. As its peak tourism season spans from September to next April, summer is the best time for a crowd-less holiday. Also, with cool ocean wind and fresh air, the average summer temperature of 27°C (81°F) is less than unbearable.

Sanya is simply made for a beach holiday. Book a beach-front hotel and spend your time doing nothing but sunbathing. Go scubaing and feel your body hugged tight by Mother Ocean. You can find any up-to-date entertainment facilities that you may find in Miami or Hawaii.

Hikers and campers find much more fun other than a beach free days: Wuzhi Mountain, ianfeng Peak and their rain forests are just perfect for wild days in nature.

Typhoon season from July to October is the time you should avoid. Be on the watch for airfare deals 1 months ahead to save some bucks. Drink a lot of bottled water while you are going wild in Sanya.

Recommended Sanya Tours:

Tips for Summer Travel

No matter where you are traveling, you should read these travel tips that are based on our previous customers’ summer travel experiences.

Packing Light

Always Try to Pack Light

“I sweat a lot so 5 T-shirts should be enough. ” If you do that you might probably find at least 3 of them return home unused. Clothes can ge dry up overnight in the summer heat, thus you just need 2 or 3 T-shirts. Pack some old clothes and underwear. In this way, you can throw them away and lighten your suitcase or spare room for shopping.

Anti-slippage shoes, hat, sunglasses and sunblock should be in your packing list. Bandaids are good for foot blisters (from walking), mosquito repellent for traveling to the southern China.

Travel Plan

Plan your summer trip in springtime

The advantages of being an early bird show when you plan the summer travel as early as in springtime or even earlier.

Many travel companies, airlines and hotels begin loading up their summer promotions at the end of spring. If you have been searching for deals, it is the time to make a move. Planning ahead means you have more time to know about the places you want to go and things you’d like to do. Also, it is nice to encourage your families to work with you. This will give you some fun memories even before the summer holiday starts.

Weather Forcast

Be a fan of the weather forecast

You should be watching the weather forecast of your target destinations 20 days before departure. In this way, you can decide whether to repack or replace some activities. Travel websites with the local weather columns are also helpful.


Know exactly what you are eating

Summer is great to try local cuisine and seasonal fruits. But you sure don’t want to feel sick, or even worse, get a running belly. So check twice before you order. And never, do remember, never drink water from the tap.

Diarrhea pills and sickness pills will become handy once you don’t feel well. Don’t over eat ice cream or drink soda and beers too much because that will make you thirsty shortly. If you are trekking on mountains, a bottle of lightly salted water will help you counterbalance salt loss in the sweat.

High Speed Train

Choose a smart and easy transportation

Travel by air is time-effective but not necessarily ideal for your budget. If you choose the train or coach, however, safety and comfort are two factors to consider especially during summer time.

A lot of airlines fly between big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and you can search for airfare deals on domestic travel websites like C-trip or High speed trains or bullet trains are bookable on some English travel websites. Long-distance buses are seemingly the only means in remote areas like Guizhou and Tibet. If you are traveling with little children and aged people, overnight trains and buses may not advisably be the first choice.

Quiet Place

Stay away from the crowds - this needs some insider scoops

If you want to stay away from the crowds, you should obey two simple rules: one is to come during the off season and the other is to navigate in a special fashion.

How to do the latter one? You need some time to figure it out by searching on the websites and forums. But with a local guide or expert’s help, you can get it done easily. For example, when you are looking for a bamboo raft on the Li River. Instead of being at the dock early, you can do it in the late afternoon as most tourists come in the morning and the river will be filled with so many bamboo boats.

Staying away from the crowds is also the most important reason you get to see the most beautiful and extraordinary vistas that nobody else has seen before.