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Traditional, Minority and Tourist Festivals in China

Chinese people celebrate a seemingly endless series of festivals during the course of a year. Most of these festivals take place on important dates in the Chinese lunar calendar. The following are the most important festivals celebrated by Chinese people. If you are fond of local pageantry, you might want to check to see whether your visiting dates coincide with local festivals at your particular destinations. Check out China Travel Festival Tours

There are also three longer-period national holidays in China, besides the usual one-day holidays, when almost everyone is free, except for employees in key sectors. It is a time when a large segment of the population is on the move. All travel bookings are extremely tight at these times, hotels generally increase their rates and airports and train stations can be very crowded, as the Chinese people love to travel. The main, multiple-day holidays are as follows: Chinese New Year, in the month of February; International Labour Day, which is the first week of May; and finally, National Day, which is celebrated during the course of the first week in October.

Traditional Chinese Festivals

Spring Festival

Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is the most important traditional festival in China and takes place in January or February. The festival begins on the First Day of the first lunar month and ends on 15th. Spring Festival is a very important occasion for the Chinese people, and it is a time for families to be together. So no matter how far away people are, they will try their best to go home and spend the festival with their families. Read More

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu Festival is a traditional festival and statutory holiday in China. Most Chinese will have one day off for celebrations. The Dragon Boat Festival takes place on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. The main celebrations of course include the dragon boat racing but eating Zongzi (A pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves) is also customary. Read More

Middle Autumn Festival

Middle Autumn Festival

The 15th of the eighth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, is the date for the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The reason for celebrating the festival during that time is that it is the time when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the two most important occasions in Chinese calendar and it is an official holiday. It is a time for families to be together, so people far from home will gaze longingly at the moon and think about their families. Read More

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Ethnic Minority Festivals

Lusheng Festival of Miao Ethnic People

Lusheng Festival

The Lusheng Festival is the most influential festival of the Miao community. It is popular throughout Guizhou, Yunnan, and Sichuan Provinces, the Lusheng Festival in Kaili, Guizhou being the most famous and grand of the bunch. It begins on the 16th of the first lunar month, and climaxes on the 19th and 20th. The festival features a lot of Miao ethnic activities, such as singing, bullfighting, horseracing, and dancing to the rhythm of the Lusheng. Read More

Sisters' Meal Festival

Sister's Meal Festival

The Sisters' Meal festival is celebrated by the Miao people in southwestern China's Guizhou province, especially in the Taijiang and Jianhe Counties along the banks of the Qingshui River. It is the oldest Asian Valentine's Day. At festival time, the Miao girls, all dressed up in their startling silver headdresses, crowns, neck rinks, and chest locks, gather together by the river bank to prepare their "sisters' rice". The rice is dyed blue, pink, yellow, and white to represent spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively. Read More

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Tourist Festivals and Events

Hani Terraced Fields Festival

Hani Terraced Fields

Hani Terraced Fields Festival is held in Yuanyang, in southwest China's Yunnan Province, 200 km away from Kunming, the provincial capital. It is a major annual event for the local Hani Ethnic Minority, who celebrate this occasion in honor of age-old agrarian culture in that mountainous region. Read More

Pingyao International Photography Festival

Pingyao International Photography Festival

Pingyao International Photography is not only an event for photographers, but a grand occasion for photography lovers, local people as well as average travelers. During the event, the old town becomes a large open-air photo gallery which displays photos from photographers from around the world, including the most eminent and respectable ones. The number of photos displayed is so large that it takes you at least three days to have a glimpse of all of them. Read More

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Chinese Festival Tours

Beijing International Marathon

Beijing International Marathon

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Duration: 5 Days

Features: Held in October every year, the BIM offers a chance to experience Beijing's golden fall and combines views of the ancient city and modern landscapes. The BIM provides a spacious, smooth competitive route, with a mild autumn climate and a high level of organization and competition.

Tibet Shoton Festival Tour

Tibet Shoton Festival Tour (XZ-12-GP)

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Duration: 5 Days

Destination: Lhasa → Naqju

Features: Shoton Festival is the most important festival in Tibet. This festival begins at Drepung Monastery to seeing Tangka, then shifts to Norbulinka for Tibetan opera. This tour gives a glimpse of Tibet’s traditions and colorful festival lifestyle.

Departure Date: August. 8 (Travel in a group with minimum of 2 people); the Price for Four-bed Room is $598.

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