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A List of Major Chinese Festivals


List of Major Traditional Chinese Festivals

Date Festivals Activities Place
January 26th Chinese New Year Setting firecrackers, lion shows Across China
February 9th Chinese Lantern Festival Displays of lanterns All over the country
April 29th Qingming Festival commemorating the dead at their graves All over the country
May 28th Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Racing, eating Zhongzi All over the country
August 26th Qixi Festival Gazing at Altair and Vega All over the country
September 5th Middle-autumn Festival Appreciating the full moon, eating moon cake All over China
October 26th Chongyang Festival walking and hill climbing, appreciating chrysanthemum blooms. All over China

List of Major Ethnic Minority Festivals

Date Festivals Activities Place
Feburary 10th to 16th Lusheng Festival of Miao Ethnic People Singing and dancing, bullfighting, horse racing Kaili in Guizhou Province
Feburary 25th Tibet New Year Festival(Losa Festival) Worshipping Buddha, singing and dancing. Tibet
Around March Bullfighting Festival Bull fighting Kaili in Guizhou Province
April 6th to 16th March Fair of Bai Ethnic Group Trading activities Dali Ancient Town in Yunnan Province
April 10th to 12nd Sisters' Meals Festival of Miao Ethnic Group Singing, dancing and lusheng shows Kaili in Guizhou Province
April 11st to 15th Water Splashing Festival Splashing water onto each other Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province
July 27th to August 6th Shaman Festival Ritual dancing and singing folk songs Tongren in Qinghai Province
August 14th to August 16th Torch Festival Singing folk songs and bull fighting Xichuang in Sichuan Province, Shilin in Yunnan Province
Around August 20th Tibet Shoton Festival Tibetan opera performances Tibet
Early September Mule and Horse Fair of Naxi Ethnic Group Singing and dancing Lijiang in Yunnan Province
Around September Inner Mongolian Naadam Grassland Festival Wrestling, horse racing and archery Tibet
October 13th Holy Mountain Festival of Naxi Ethnic Group Worshiping the god, dancing and singing Lijiang in Yunnan Province
November 17th New Year Festival of Miao Ethnic People Bull fighting, horseracing and singing and dancing Kaili in Guizhou Province
Middle November Hani Terraced Fields Festival Folk performances Yuanyang in Yunnan Province
7th December New Year of Dong Ethnic People Singing, dancing and bull fighting Guizhou

List of Major Tourist Festivals in China

Date Festivals Activities Place
January 5th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Displays of culptures of ice and snow Harbin in Heilongjiang Province
Middle January Jilin Rime Festival Displays of lanterns Jilin
January 15th to February 29th Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival Displays of culptures of ice and snow Beijing
April 15th to 25th Luoyang Penoy Festival Displays of great varieties of pemoy Luoyang in Henan Province
April 20th to 26th Chang'an International Calligraphy meeting Display of scriptions written on a 100-meter-long scroll and the four treasures of the study. Xi'an in Shannxi Province
Early April Hainan International Coconut Festival Displays of ancient Coins, stamps, telephone cards, china and butterfly specimens. Hainan
Late April International Folk Song Festival Folk Song Competition and ethnic shows Nanning in Guangxi Province
April 20th to 25th Weifang International Kite Festival Display of kites Weifang in Shandong Province
April 25th Fujian Mazu (Sea Godness) Festival Rituals of worshing the Sea God Meizhou Island in Fujian Province
April 8th to 22nd Guizhou Azalea Festival Shows from Yi, Miao and buyi minority nationalities and bull fighting In Qianxi County in Guizhou Province
June 10th to 14th Yueyang International Dragon Boat Festival Dragon boat racing South Lake in Yueyang City
July 15th to 18th Jiayuguan International Gliding Festival   Jiayuguan in Gansu Province
July 25th to August 30th Mountain Wutaishan Tourist Month Mountain Wutaishan Shanxi Province
Middle August Qingdao International Beer Festival   Qingdao in Shandong Province
August 23rd to 28th Changchun International Film Festival   Changchun in Jilin Province
August 20th to 26th Xinjiang Grape Festival Performance of traditional wedding, sing and dancing Turpan in Xinjiang Province
Early September Dalian International Fashion Show Fashion show Dalian in Liaoning Province
September Xian International Culture and Art Festival Folk performances, musical and artistic showpieces Xian
September Pingyao International Photography Festival Displays of photos Pingyao Ancient Town
September International Qiantang River Tidal Bore Watching Festival Eating moon cake and watching the tide. Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province
September Zhengzhou International Shaolin Kungfu Festival Kungfu competitions Zhengzhou in Henan Province
September 20th to 25th Suzhou International Silk Festival Displays of silk and silk products Suzhou in Jiangsu Province
September 21st to 27th Zhangjiajie International Forest Festival Shows and exhibitions related to forest Zhangjiajie
September 26th to October 10th Qufu International Confucius Festival Worshing Confucius QUfu in Shandong Province
October 18th to November 18th Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Fair Display of a great varieity of chrysanthemum Kaifeng in Henan Province
October 31st to December 8th Guilin Scenery Tourism Festival   Guilin
Middle November Hani Terraced Fields Festival Ethnic shows and distinguished dinner Yuanyang in Yunan Province
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