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Christmas in China

Christmas in China

Christmas celebrations were introduced into China by western missionaries during 19th century. As it is a Christian holiday and not many Chinese people are Christians, the increase in its popularity was very slow. Twenty years ago, most Chinese cities would have had no sign of Christmas celebrations. However, the rapid development of China and the resulting culture exchanges with the outside world see China starting to adopt Christmas celebrations, especially in major cities where Christmas festivities are becoming more popular year by year.

Hong Kong and Macau celebrate with an official holiday. People love to have a good time and to celebrate with presents, good food and entertainment. In China, Christmas is a fashionable and romantic holiday much more than a religious festival. >> Read more

Celebrating a Chinese Christmas Day

Celebrating a Chinese Christmas Day

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is celebrated in China in various ways but the most common way is with Christmas decorations. As the Christmas approaches, department stores, shopping malls, official buildings will be decorated with Christmas trees (Christmas trees are usually decorated with paper chains, paper flowers, and paper lanterns), colorful lights and even Chinese lanterns. Christmas carols can be heard over the noise of the crowds and the Chinese "Father Christmas" helps to make the scene complete.

Exchanging Christmas Cards and Gifts

Exchanging Christmas Cards and Gifts is a very important part of Chinese Christmas Day.>> read more

Christmas in Beijing and Shanghai

Christmas in Major Chinese Cities

Christmas in Shanghai

Shanghai is the Chinese city where Christmas is most popular. Celebrating Christmas Day has become the main theme at the end of every year. It is really easy to buy Christmas decorations, food and gifts in Shanghai. Because Chinese goods are usually excellent quality and a reasonable price, many foreigners working in Shanghai buy lots of things Shanghai to take or send home to their family and friends as gifts.

Christmas in Beijing

Christmas came later to Beijing, however over the last few years foreigners living in Beijing have found Christmas Trees and all kinds of Christmas decorations on sale at the markets in most places. >> Read more

Christmas travel tips

Christmas Travel Tips

1. Christmas Day is not an official holiday in mainland China. Travel and the hotel rooms will be normal.

2. Major cities of China such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau are good destinations to celebrate Christmas Day for there are lots of festivities and parties.

3. Beware of pick pockets, especially on public buses, in supermarkets and in large crowds.

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