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Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival, is the second-most-important festival in China, after the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). It falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar calendar. In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 1st October, which is the same day as Chinese National Day.

As a time for a family reunion, Mid-Autumn Festival's typical food is the mooncake which is round and symbolizes reunion. Families and friends gather together to celebrate by eating moon cakes and appreciating the spectacular beauty of the fullest and brightest moon.

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History of the 3000-Year-Old Festival

The time-honored Mid-autumn Festival boasts a history of thousands of years, which has gradually developed and formed. It was first celebrated to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.

The ancient emperors used to worship and offer sacrifice to the moon in autumn. Afterward, noblemen and scholars would admire and appreciate the bright moon on Mid-Autumn Festival, expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Mid-Autumn History Line

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Stories of the Mid-Autumn Festival

There are quite a few stories associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the most popular are the legend of the Chang'e, Jade Rabbit and Wu Gang. Some of them are tragic but romantic, some of them are interesting and instructive.

Like all popular legends, the story changes depending on the social reality. Here we've listed three popular stories about the Chinese Moon Festival.

Legends of the Mid-Autumn
  • The lady on the Moon - Chang'e
  • Rabbit on the Moon - Jade Rabbit
  • Wu Gang Chops the Tree

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Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

1. The Festival Has Only One Name? No!
2. The Festival Always Occurs on the Same Day? No!
3. The Festival Is Not Only a Family Reunion Day but also a Valentine's Day
4. The Full Moon Does Not Definitely Occur on the Mid-Autumn Day
5. The Right Way to Eat Mooncakes Is Sharing with the Whole Family rather than Eating One's Own
6. Giving Wechat Red Envelops Becomes a New Way of Celebration
7. Chinese People Have a Three-Day Public Holiday during the Festival
8. China Is Not the Only Country to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival Lanterns Mid-Autumn Festival Lanterns

Click here to find details about the above interesting points. Beyond that, there must be more hidden facts about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, feel free to contact us to start your discovery trip in China.

How to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival customs focus on thanksgiving and family reunion. The most common traditions for this festival are eating moon cakes and appreciating the moon. Besides, ethnic minorities across China have their own unique customs.

Here are how you can slow down to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival during your tour in China.

Traditions of the Mid-Autumn
  • Appreciate the Bright Full Moon
  • Reunite with Your Family
  • Eat Mooncakes
  • Light and Hang up Lanterns
  • Worship the Moon
  • Enjoy Fiery Dragon Dances
  • Go for a Short Trip
  • Give Digital Red Envelops via WeChat App

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Top Places to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in China

In 2020, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 1st. Autumn is the best time to visit China. The temperatures throughout the country are milder compared with the extremes in winter and summer. Therefore, the most glorious thing is to spend time out of doors and enjoy the sight of the golden autumn.

A good place to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival should be wide and open, high, or somewhere with water.

The customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival vary across China, there are different specialties; and celebrations. Why not start your tour in China by exploring the mystery of the Mid-Autumn Festival? We've listed the top 8 places for you to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, click the link to get more details.

Mid-Autumn Festival Views

Tips for Traveling in China During the Mid-Autumn Festival

  • Book Transport and Accommodation in Advance
  • Pack According to Wide Weather Variations
  • Buy Some Special Festival Souvenirs and Gifts
  • Be Careful of Poisonous Snakes and Insects Outdoors
  • Be Careful of Pollen Allergies

For more detailed tips, click Useful Tips for Traveling in China. We can also customize a tour based on your needs and requirements, which can save you time, money, and trouble. Feel free to contact us and tell us your tour ideas.

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