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2014 Mid-Autumn Festival (Chinese Moon Festival ) will be on September 8. Taste free Chinese moon cakes by booking any tour during Chinese Moon Festival (Sep.6 - Sep. 8, 2014) ! Why not send a Mid-autumn Festival card to your beloved one?

During the festival, we recommend the following top destinations to watch and appreciate the moon.

Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain is famous for four wonders: its gnarled old pine trees, many of which are believed to be over 1500 years old, and where the most gnarled and twisted exemplars are the most revered, as they are considered survivors of the greatest of hardships); its oddly-shaped granite rock outcroppings; the "sea of clouds" that often enshroud the mountain, though the peaks are only enshrouded in clouds and mists about 200 days a year :) - in fact, it is often said that whereas other mountains are best observed from their base, Yellow Mountain, because of the ring of clouds and mists that surround the mountain about 3/4 the way up, is best viewed from the top down; and lastly, its thermal springs.  >> Read More

Location: It lies about 50 km (30 miles) north of Huangshan City,Anhui Province, Eastern China, about 300 km (200 miles) west of Hangzhou and 500 km (300 miles) southwest of Shanghai.

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Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin

Elephant Trunk Hill, which gets its name from the fact that its shape suggests a huge elephant siphoning up water from the river below (the Li River), is the very symbol of the city of Guilin. Situated between the elephant's trunk and its torso is a large cave which is said to resemble a full moon drifting on the water, therefore it is named Water Moon Cave. On a clear night with a full moon, the moon in the sky above and the "moon" of Water Moon Cave seem to vie for one's attention, creating beautiful reflections on the river, a phenomenon that has been celebrated by Chinese poets and painters for centuries. >> Read More

Location: Elephant Trunk Hill Park is located in the heart of Guilin, just opposite the China International Travel Service (CITS) office building.

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Hangzhou West Lake

Hangzhou West Lake

West Lake in HangzhouZhejiang Province, and Lake Geneva (Lac Léman, in French) in Geneva, Switzerland, have - not unjustifiably - both been likened to pearls. At the western extremity of Bai Causeway is a small, lakeside park. It is an ideal location from which, on autumn evenings, to appreciate the moon's reflection on the surface of the lake, which varies from that of a perfectly flat mirror of the evening sky above on calm evenings to a choppy, broken surface that twinkles endlessly on windy evenings. For some unexplainable reason, the moon always seems to shine brighter from this vantage point, while the dark hills on the landward side seem to be bathed in a purplish hue. >> Read More

Location: HangzhouZhejiang Province.

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Mount Lu (Lushan)

Mount Lu holds a special place in the hearts of the people of China, since it has a history as one of the country's original spiritual centers, being revered especially by Taoists and Buddhists. It is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its many spectacular natural features, such as ravines, grottoes, rock outcroppings, mountain streams, waterfalls. Hanpo Pavilion, which lies between the Five Old Men Peak ridge and another famous Lushan peak, offering the best panoramic view of the entire area, is THE venue for moon viewing and to observe the rising sun. >> Read More

Location: Lushan National Park lies in Lushan District, about 40 kilometers from the city of JiujiangJiangxi Province.

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The Grand View Garden

The Grand View Garden is a typical Chinese garden built in 1984 in order to make the TV series of A Dream of Red Mansions. It is a great place to watch and appreciate the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing. An annual celebration of the Mid-Autumn Night is held at the Grand View Garden including eating moon cakes, appreciating the moon, having a drink of sweet Osmanthus wine.

Occupying an area of 13 hectares, the garden has an art museum of A Dream of Red Mansions. If you are a lover of the book and want to enjoy a different Mid-Autumn Festival, the Grand View Garden is the right place in Beijing. Decorated by colorful lights, there is Dream Like Red Mansions night show from 18:00 to 20:30 every evening. Travelers can also experience traditional royal wedding ceremony in the Grand View Garden.

Location: The Grand View Garden is located at12 South Caiyuan Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing.

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E'mei Mountain

E'mei Mountain

E'mei Mountain is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. The Elephant Watching Pool with a height of 2070 meters above sea level, is a perfect venue for moon viewing. It has misty white clouds and ancient tall tress around. When the bright moon shines high in the sky in autumn, all is quiet with boundless pure light. Looking up at the sky, you will feel like an immortal. The "Night Moon over the Elephant Pool" is the famous sight here. At night when the bright moon is high in the sky and moonlight is reflected in the pool, the water and the sky are in one color with serene and beautiful scenery. >> Read More

Location: It is located in Sichuan Province in Southwest China. There are shuttle buses heading for the Baoguo Temple at the foot of the E’mei Mountain from Chengdu. The trip takes about two hours.

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The Qinhuai River

Take a cruise along the Qinhuai River and watching the moon on the Wende Bridge in Nanjing is the best arrangement in Yangtze River Delta during the Mid-Autumn festival. When it’s the full moon, the moon will become two half moons in the Qinhuai River on the both sides of Wende Bridge. It is a unique spectacle, and going to Wende Bridge to see the moon has been a traditional folk activity during the Mid-Autumn Festival. So one bridge with two moons on the Qinhuai River is the most attractive scenery in Nanjing.

As the mother river of Nanjing City, the Qinhuai River has been busy business streets since the Three Kingdoms Period. Centered on Confucius Temple, there are a lot of historic relics and traditional Jiangnan gardens along the Qinhuai River. The night scenery of Qinhuai River is beautiful. Travelers can wander along the river to experience Nanjing’s local culture.

Location: Qinhuai District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

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The Dongting Lake

To see lotus flowers among a large-scale lotus field on the Dongting Lake is amazing and exciting. As the second largest freshwater lake in China, the Dongting Lake is situated at the north of Hunan Province. Travelers can take a boat wandering through the lotus fields to see and photography all different shapes of lotus flowers. There are more than 5,000 acres of wild lotus in the Dongting Lake which is the largest wild lotus field in Asia.

The Dongting Lake is divided into East Lake, South Lake, West Lake, North Lake and Datong Lake. Additionally, there are a lot of old historical relics such as Yueyang Tower which has a more than 1000 years and Junshan Island. Junshan Lotus Base has a lotus field of over 6000 acres with more than 300 lotus categories. Travelers can not only visit some historic relics, but also enjoy thousands of beautiful lotus flowers during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Location: Yueyang County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province.

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