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China Travel Designer (CITS)

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China Travel Comments:

Being the No.1 brand name in China's Tourist Industry, CITS has set up 14 subsidiary companies in more than 10 countries and regions overseas. Their service is reliable and they have already been organizing tours for almost 60 years. Currently its website has renamed as China Travel Designer.

Web Link: www.chinatraveldesigner.com

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Detailed Reasons for Recommendation

Website Usability
Contents Comprehensive China Guide information.
Website Design It has an integrated structure, but not very user-friendly.
Website Navigation Not very Clear.
Privacy Policy Privacy protected.
Payment Methods Paypal and wire transfer.
Tour Products
Types of Tour Products It provides tours, flights, hotels and car rental.
Amount of Tour Products A large number of tour products covering most cities in China.
Price of Tour Products Reasonable price.
Customer Service
On-page Feedback Yes.
Customized Service Yes.
Response to Customer Enquiries Quick response.
FAQ Yes.
Toll Free Number No.
Business Office in China Yes.
Address: Room 721, CITS building, No.1 Dongdan Beidajie, Beijing
Business Office Abroad CITS has established stable cooperative relationship with over 1,400 travel service providers in the world. There are 14 offshore branches in America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions. 150 subsidiaries and chain enterprises are established in all provinces, autonomous regions and cities in China.
Live Chat Yes.
Newsletter No.
Distinguishing Features
By leveraging full support and resources of CITS, our advanced one-stop website for travel shopping, CITS is able to provide the greatest array of travel products available, real time inventory and instant confirmation for you to book your China vacations online.
Company Information
Year Founded 1954
Tour Supplier Yes. CITS (China International Travel Service)
Reputation It is China's largest and most influential tourist enterprise group, honorably placed as the only tourist enterprise on the list of the country's top 500 enterprises by the State Statistical Bureau.
Comments from Tripadvisor.com Unknown
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