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Wild China

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China Travel Comments:

Wild China is said to be one of the best tour operators in the world. It provides professional tours which are rich in Chinese culture. Its tours are especially designed for people who are interested in Chinese culture and Tibet.

Web Link: www.wildchina.com

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Detailed Reasons for Recommendation

Website Usability
Contents It provides tours, blogs and photo albums, but no basic China Guide information.
Website Design It has an integrated and clear structure, with a nice website design.
Website Navigation Clear.
Privacy Policy Privacy protected.
Payment Methods Unknown
Tour Products
Types of Tour Products It provides only tours, which includes private journeys, educational travel and corporate travel.
Amount of Tour Products A small amount of professionally organized China tours.
Price of Tour Products Comparatively higher than other tour operators.
Customer Service
On-page Feedback Yes
Customized Service Yes
Response to Customer Enquiries It can't afford to make a response within 24 hours.
FAQ Yes. It provides blogs, which are very popular among foreign tourists.
Toll Free Number Yes.
Business Office in China Yes.
Address: Room 801, Oriental Place No. 9, East Dongfang Road North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District Beijing 100027 China
Business Office Abroad Yes.
4304 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA
Live Chat No.
Newsletter Yes.
Distinguishing Features
As a luxury adventure China tour operator, its specialty is to create distinctive programs featuring insider access to sites, superior customer service, and attention to detail.
Company Information
Year Founded 2000
Tour Supplier Yes
Reputation WildChina was selected as one of National Geographic ADVENTURE magazine's 2009 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth.
Comments from Tripadvisor.com

"I don't think they use CITS for most of their regularly scheduled tours. Using an agency like WildChina costs more than travelling alone, but I think they are better than many comparable agencies, and their tours are not at all the same as what most other agencies offer. WildChina offers adventure tours, rather than luxury tours and do trips to places off of the beaten track. ", said by Travellevret. »read more comments

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