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Expo Shanghai Travel 2010

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Duration: May 1 - October 31,2010

Location: Expo pavilions are located on both sides of the Huangpu River.

World Expo 2010 Shanghai provides an opportunity for nations and organizations from all over the world to explore the full potential of urban life for mankind under the theme "Better City, Better Life". During the 184 days of World Expo 2010 Shanghai, the participants will display their interpretation of future urban living to the fullest extent.

China is confident that we will present the world with a successful and unforgettable World Exposition. The event has attracted the participation of 192 countries and 50 international organizations. 70 million visitors from both home and abroad are expected to attend the event, while 20,000 cultural shows will be performed by artists from all over the world. » Get detailed information about Shanghai Expo 2010 Shanghai Expo Video