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Australia Pavilion

Australian Pavilion

  • Theme: Nation of Imagination
  • Outfit: Sculptured Curving Walls and a Red Ochre Exterior
  • Highlights: Find the best teacher for kids. Enjoy native music of Australia.
  • Covering Area: 4,800 square meters.
  • Location: Zone B


Australia Pavilion focuses on the hot issues of environmental protection, urbanization and globalization. It also displays top-level research and teaching institutes of Australia.

Australia Pavilion is the place for people of all ages for fun and relaxation. The pavilion is divided into three distinct but inter-related sections called "Journey", "Discover" and "Enjoy". It is designed to display every aspect of Australian life.


  • A Journey of Fun
    The first part the pavilion called “journey” will take visitors on a journey to experience the authentic life of the Australians. The second part features a theatre of 1,000 seats, with the theme of “enjoy”. The last section in the pavilion will provide visitors a chance to see the fantastic landscapes of Australia and taste some delicious Australian deserts. Fresh beef and abalone will be imported from Australia to make dishes.
  • Mini-documentaries: Sisters
    During the visit in Australia Pavilion, visitors are able to watch a series of mini-documentaries called “Sisters”, which is about the success stories of 21 inspirational women from Australia and China. The achievements of individual women were highly praised in the film, as well as the connections, similarities and shared stories between China and Australia.
  • Culture Performances
    Visitors to Australia Pavilion will be able to watch cultural performances of Australia, which feature the best of Australia art. A series of art forms will be in introduced, including visual arts, performance theatre, multimedia, music, literature and film.
    Visitor will also be able to see an acrobatic show in the air, which is performed by four acrobatic actors and actresses putting on diving costumes. Their shows are to display the underwater paradise of Australia landmark: the Great Barrier Reef.



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