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Germany Pavilion

Germany PavilionTheme: Balancity

Highlights:The pavilion is composed of three floating spaces and  one cone-shaped structure and will provide a "light and elegant" feeling.

Location: Zone C

Germany Pavilion covers an area of 6,000-square-meter, with a light and elegant appearance. The pavilion will introduce how the country's products help solve urbanization problems. After getting through a “simulation tunnel” which consists of typical Germany urban life pictures, you can enter the unique and amazing space inside.

The biggest highlight of Germany Pavilion is the exhibition named “Source of Energy”, where you can interact with the huge metal balls inside and the balls can response according to the behavior and breathing sound of yours. If the visitors are active and united, the producing energy will be powerful, which tells people that a dynamic city needs everyone’s effort.

The cone-shaped hall can hold 750 visitors, and more than 9 million people are expected to visit Germany Pavilion. Other exhibition halls will showcase a harbor view rebuilt from the city of Hamburg.


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