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The Mascot of the 2010 Shanghai Expo: Haibao

Haibao means treasure of the seas, and looks very watery with its light blue coloring and splashes. Created from the Chinese character ‘人’ which means people (or person), the mascot embodies the characteristics of Chinese culture and echoes the concept of the emblem of the Shanghai World Expo: worldwide human togetherness. It is an innovation to adopt a Chinese language character as the mascot of an international event. This is the first time it has been done.

Haibao, with its meaning of people, embodies the ideal of happy coexistence among the various urban cultures, and its watery aspect, clean water being a primary resource, embodies sustainable and environmentally sensitive urban development. Haibao speaks of the wish of humanity to enjoy colorful and wonderful life together and sends warm invitations to friends from all over the world to come to Shanghai.


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