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Recommended Expo Pavilions for Kids

Guide: For parents, the World Expo 2010 Shanghai will be a rare opportunity for their children to see the magnificent world in such a short period. It is good for children to know more about development of the world, and to develop their intelligences and creativities. In that case, if you are to take your children a tour to the expo site, what are the must-see expo pavilions? The Denmark Pavilion will be one, which is like a book of fairy tales, from where kids are able to meet "Little Mermaid" from Anderson's Works. You may also take your children to Belgium Pavilion to taste the best chocolate in the world, if you are not afraid of making the kids too fat. There are more to see, and I would like to introduce some of the best expo pavilions for kids in the following.....

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Denmark Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion
  • Theme: Welfairytales
  • Highlights: Double Spiral
  • Covering Area: 3,000 square meters
  • Location: Zone C

The Denmark Pavilion displays a world of fairy tales with the highlight of the Little Mermaid, the country's symbol. According to the great wisdoms of architects, the pavilion is built like a fairy tale with three chapters, namely the Story of Danish Cities, the Story of the Danish people and the story of Danish technology and solutions for future urban living.

Denmark Pavilion is designed to visitors that happiness is not just originated from wealth. The true happiness should be built on the harmony between human and nature like that in the fairy tales. » know more

Australia Pavilion

Australia Pavilion

  • Theme: Nation of Imagination
  • Outfit: Sculptured Curving Walls and a Red Ochre Exterior
  • Highlights: Find the best teacher for kids. Enjoy native music of Australia.
  • Covering Area: 4,800 square meters.
  • Location: Zone B

Australia Pavilion focuses on the hot issues of environmental protection, urbanization and globalization. It also displays top-level research and teaching institutes of Australia.

Australia Pavilion is the place for people of all ages for fun and relaxation. The pavilion is divided into three distinct but inter-related sections called "Journey", "Discover" and "Enjoy". It is designed to display every aspect of Australian life. » know more

Belgium Pavilion

Belgium Pavilion
  • Theme: Movement and Interaction
  • Outfit: "Brain Cell" Structure
  • Covering Area: 5,000 square meters.
  • Highlights: Chocolate Corner, which is made up by four top-level chocolate manufacturers.
  • Location: Zone C

Belgium has participated in many sessions of World Expo, but this is the first time in history for it to gather some of the world’s best chocolate manufacturers.

Chocolate Corner will be joined by 70 chocolate makers from Belgium who are to show their skills of making chocolate. Some famous Belgium expert chocolatiers will design special chocolate sculptures to combine chocolate culture with Chinese culture. Besides seeing the beautiful chocolate artifacts, kids are also able to taste some of them. Kids to the pavilion may be given a chance to get presents of chocolate-made statues.

Russia Pavilion

Russia Pavilion
  • Theme: New Ruassia, City and Citizen
  • Outfit: Flower City
  • Highlights: Enter a castle of fairyland

Nikolay Nosov, a famous Soviet writer of children’s literature, wrote the book of “Adventures of DUNNO and His Friends”. He once placed it that the best city in the world should the favorite one among the kids. The conception of “Flower City” was taken from Nosov’s book. The Russia Pavilion has been designed as an ideal city resembling cities in the fairyland, which will give people the impression of a children’s paradise. There are mainly four exhibition areas in Russia Pavilion: the City for Children, the City for Youth and the Big World. Before visiting the pavilion, visitors are advised to envision themselves as DUNNO and his friends on a journey in a fairy-tale castle.

Canada Pavilion

Canada Pavilion
  • Theme: The Living City: Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative
  • Outfit: the shape of "C".
  • Covering Area: 6,000 square meters
  • Location: Zone C

The Canada Pavilion has the shape like a looped ribbon or the letter "C". Visitors will go through an open-air public square, the pavilion’s center piece, and then circulate through the larger structure that house the public displays. In the pavilion, visitors are able to see the designs of a storied world, beautiful costumes, gothic figurations, live music and world-class performances.

Other Recommended Pavilions

  • Mexican Pavilion: visitors are able to enter a "forest of kites", from where there are 135 huge colored kites on the top.
  • Turkey Pavilion: has a very lovely shape like a dreamy maze box with a red and beige exterior. The building of animal sculptures adopts the architectural styles of 8,500 years ago. It reveals the great combination of ancient civilization and modern architecture.
  • New Zealand Pavilion: the building of the pavilion was derived from a myth of the Maoris of New Zealand: dream land of a little girl, secret garden, soft music...Through those scenes, visitors are able to be brought into a dreamy world.
  • Italian Pavilion: The design of the pavilion got the idea of some funny games that kids in Shanghai will usually play. The designers are able to change the shape of the pavilion easily.
  • UK Pavilion: The pavilion has the shape of a huge dandelion.

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