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Recommended Itinerary for a Three-Day Expo Tour

The total expo site covers a huge area 5.28 square kilometers (1304 acres), and there are hundreds of expo pavilions to see, all of which are quite worthy of a visit. For this reason, it would be big problem on how to make full use of your limited time in Shanghai to visit the most places in Expo site. In the following, China Travel will be glad to suggest you an itinerary for a 3-day expo tour.


  • Before reading the following contents, we suggest you first click here to refer to a map of the Expo site.
  • Learn about Shanghai Expo transportation.
  • This itinerary is only for your reference, and it might not work in fact due to the popularity of the event.

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Day One

Highlights: Expo Boulevard, Expo Center, Theme Pavilions, China Pavilion, pavilions of China cities and Asian countries.

China Pavilion
China Pavilion at Night
  1. Get to Yaohua Road Station by subway line 7 before 8:30am, and then wait in a queue to get into Expo site at 9:00am. In the entrance, you’d better make a reservation for visiting China Pavilion on a reservation machine (better reserve for an afternoon visit). The pavilions are going to be hot, so reservation in advance may save you a lot of time. On reservation for a pavilion, you just need your valid certificates and expo tickets. Expo volunteers will be there to help you besides a reservation machine, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use the machine. When you finish a reservation, just keep the reservation ticket for use when you enter a pavilion.
  2. Start the first-day visit of expo site. Walk along the Expo Boulevard to the end, you will find the Celebration Square, and then visit the Expo Center, from where you will see grand opening ceremonies for national pavilions of all the participating countries every day. If you are lucky enough you will happen to see some famous state leaders or big stars.
  3. Visit the Theme Pavilions: Urbanian Pavilion, Pavilion of City Being, Pavilion of Urban Planet, Pavilion of Footprint, and Pavilion of Future.
  4. Lunch Time: there is a Chinese food street between Expo Center and the Theme Pavilion. You can taste special dishes from all over China, including all the eight regional cuisines. After lunch, you can watch some free cultural shows in the Expo Performance Center.
  5. Visit China Pavilion at 13:30. Take the lift up to the level of 49th meter, from where you will be stepping on a glass floor and seeing a movie which is directed by a famous China director. Interestingly, you will see a motion picture of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival (a famous ancient Chinese painting) which is 100 meters long and people painted on the picture will be moving. After the visit of the 49th-meter level, go to the level of 41st meter, from where you can take a track sight-seeing bus, the feeling would be quite different. Visit the level on the 33rd level, from where you will be able to see the image of the future of low-carbon China cities.
  6. Visit pavilions of China cities: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other cities.
  7. Visit pavilions of Central Asian countries: Oman Pavilion → Pakistan Pavilion →Israel Pavilion → Sri Lanka Pavilion → Nepal Pavilion → India Pavilion → Saudi Arabia Pavilion (the most expensive expo pavilion) → Morocco Pavilion → Turkmenistan Pavilion → Qatar Pavilion → United Arab Emirates Pavilion.
  8. Take a break and have some dinner, then move on to visit more Asia pavilions: Lebanon Pavilion → Iran Pavilion → North Korea Pavilion → Uzbekistan Pavilion → Kazakhstan Pavilion → Japan Pavilion → South Korea Pavilion → Vietnam Pavilion.

Day Two

Highlights: Thailand Pavilion, Australia Pavilion, Pavilions of Oceanian countries, Pavilions of European Countries, Pavilions of American countries.

Canana Pavilion
Image of Canada Pavilion
  1. At 8:30, get to the gate on Changqing Road by subway line 7. Make reservations for pavilions of United States, Britain, Belgium, France and Switzerland. Choose to visit those pavilions in the afternoon or the evening.
  2. Thailand Pavilion → Australia Pavilion (recommended) → Singapore Pavilion → Malaysia Pavilion → New Zealand Pavilion (recommended) → Indonesia Pavilion → Cambodia Pavilion → Brunei Pavilion → Philippines Pavilion.
  3. Step up on an elevated walkway toward the direction of Huangpu River. Walk down when you see the blue United Nations Pavilion. Visit the following pavilions: United Nations Pavilion → MeteoWorld Pavilion → International Red Cross & Red Crescent Pavilion → Pacific Joint Pavilion.
  4. Have lunch and prepare for the afternoon's visit.
  5. Visit some pavilions of European countries: Spain Pavilion (recommended) → Monaco Pavilion → Serbia Pavilion → Belgium–EU Pavilion(recommended, free chocolate, lucky draw) → Poland Pavilion → Switzerland Pavilion → France Pavilion (recommended, arts works, 2010 new couples will be holding grand weddings there) → Germany Pavilion → Ireland Pavilion → Norway Pavilion → Ukraine Pavilion → Iceland Pavilion→ Sweden Pavilion → Denmark Pavilion (recommended, especially for kids) → Finland Pavilion → Latvija Pavilion → Astonia Pavilion → Portugal Pavilion → Slovenia Pavilion → Czech Pavilion → Hungary Pavilion.
  6. Get to Xiying Road and visit some pavilions of American countries: Caribbean Pavilion → Brazil Pavilion → Venezuela Pavilion → Chile Pavilion → Mexico Pavilion → Canada Pavilion (recommended for kids) → Peru Pavilion → Columbia Pavilion → Central and South America Pavilion → USA Pavilion (recommended, 4D movie special effects).
  7. Have dinner in the restaurant inside USA Pavilion.
  8. In the evening, visit the following pavilions: Argentina Pavilion → South Africa Pavilion → Egypt Pavilion → Tunisia Pavilion → Algeria Pavilion → Angola Pavilion → Libya Pavilion → Lithuania Pavilion → Croatia Pavilion → Russia Pavilion (especially recommend for kids) → Romania Pavilion → Austria Pavilion → Dutch Pavilion → Luxembourg Pavilion → Italy Pavilion → UK Pavilion → Africa Joint Pavilion (recommended, there are African bazaars).

Day Three

Highlights: Corporate Pavilions. A place called "Urban Best Practices Area" is provided for visitors to learn the hard work that have been done by people of all countries on improving the quality of urban life.

Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion
Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion
  1. At 8:30pm, get to the Expo site on South Tibet Road by subway line 8.
  2. Visit Jiangnan Shipping Pavilion which is rebuilt from old workshops. You are able to have a quick glimpse of the long shipping history of China and the replicated models of Zheng He's ships. (Zheng He, a great navigator in ancient China during the years from 1371 to 1433. He made the voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia and East Africa.)
  3. Walk towards the Nanpu Bridge and visit the Private Enterprises Joint Pavilion, where there will be lots of famous enterprise taking part in the exhibitions, including Alibaba.com and Red Star Macalline. Move on to visit Corporate Pavilion of Vanke and Urban Best Practices Area.
  4. Walk back through the Nanpu Bridge to the street areas in the south, and you will see the World City Square. There will be shows in the central stage of the square. At noon, have lunch near the Future Pavilion in a restaurant which is the largest one in West Huangpu River Area.
  5. In the afternoon, visit the following pavilions: Future Pavilion → Aviation Pavilion →Information and Communication Pavilion → Aurora Pavilion (recommend for those who would like to collect artware) → Railway Pavilion (recommended for those who takes train travel a lot) → Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion (recommended, high-teach robots of "Haibao" is the highlight).
  6. Take a break and have dinner in Jiangnan Park. In the evening, continue to visit the following pavilions: Coco Cola Pavilion → Space Pavilion → State Grid Pavilion → Oil Pavilion → World Expo Museum → Urban Footprints Pavilion → Japanese Pavilion Pavilion.
  7. At night, leave the expo site from the exit of Luban Road, from where the Lupu Bridge is located. Take subway line 4 or public buses No. 17, 36 and 146 to your next destination.

     » Refer to this Shanghai Expo Venue Map when you read this article.
     » Get comprehensive information on the above Expo Pavilions from official website of Shanghai Expo.

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