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Expo Site of Expo 2010 Shanghai

Shanghai Expo Map

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Covering a total area of 5.28 square kilometers (1304 acres), the expo site is well located on both sites of Huangpu River, with 3.93 kilometers on the east side and 1.35 square meters on the west side.

Enclosed area covers a total area of 3.28 sq km, with 2.39 sq km in Pudong and 0.9 sq km in Puxi. There are five functional zones marked A, B, C, D and E respectively, each of which has an average area of 60 hectares.

  • Zone A: cated between the Expo Boulevard to the West and the Bailianjing Rivulet to the east in the Pudong section, Zone A will be the place for China Pavilion and foreign national pavilions of Asian countries (not including Southeast Asia).
  • Zone B

    Covering an area between Zone A to the east and Lupu Bridge to the west in Pudong, Zone B is the site for hosting Theme Pavilions, Expo Center and Performance Center. National pavilions of Southeast Asian countries, part of the pavilions of Oceanian countries, and pavilions for international organizations are also located in this zone.

  • Zone C

    Located in Houtan area to the west of Lupu Bridge in the Pudong section, Zone C will host European, American and African national pavilion clusters and a large public amusement park of about 10 hectares will be built at the entrance.

  • Zone D

    Located to the west of the Expo Boulevard in the Puxi Section, the land of Zone D is one of the original places of modern Chinese national industry and the site of the Jiangnan shipyard. Some of the ancient industrial building will be kept and renovated into corporate pavilions. The docklands and shipway to the east of the corporate pavilions will be reserved and made into place for outdoor public exhibition and cultural exchange.

  • Zone E

    Located to the east of the Expo Boulevard in the Puxi Section, Zone E will be the site for stand-alone corporate pavilions, Urban Civilization Pavilion, Urban Exploration Pavilion and the Urban Best Practice Area.

China Pavilion and Expo Center

There are altogether 12 pavilion groups, each of which has an average area of 10-15 hectares. Eight groups are situated in the Pudong Section, and the other four groups are in Puxi Section.

There are altogether 26 pavilion clusters, each of which covers an area of about 2-3 hectares.  The average floor area enables each pavilion cluster to accommodate 40-45 exhibition unites. In order to make it convenient for the visitors, small canteens, shops, telecom, toilets, nursing service and other public facilities will be built in each pavilion cluster.

Permanent Expo Pavilions

The following sites are the permanent buildings and also the highlights of Expo Shanghai. They are known as "One axis and four pavilions".

Expo Boulevard

Expo Boulevard

Location: Centre of the Pudong part of the Expo Site.
Function: commercial and transport activities

China Pavilion

Germany Pavilion

Location: Zone A in Pudong, east to Expo Boulevard.
Area: 160,100 square meters

Theme Pavilion

Theme Pavilion

Location: Zone B of the enclosed area.
Areas: 120,000 square meters.

World Expo Centre

Expo Center

Location: At the water-front greenland in Zone B.
Function: 140,000 square meters.

Expo Performance Centre

Performance Center

Location: Zone B, to the east of the Expo Boulevard..
Area: 126,000 square meters

National Pavilions

Australia Pavilion

Australian Pavilion

Theme: Nation of Imagination.
Highlights: Sculptured Curving Walls and a Red Ochre Exterior.
Location: Zone B

Canada Pavilion

Canadian Pavilion

Theme: The Living City: Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative.
Highlights: Image of maple leaf

Denmark Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion

Theme: Welfairytales
Location: Zone C of Expo Site
Area: 3,000 square meters.

France Pavilion

Uk Pavilion

Theme: the Sensual City
Highlights: Surrounded by water, it appears to be floating.

Germany Pavilion

Germany Pavilion

Theme: Banlancity
Highlights: Showcase typical urban life in Germany.

UK Pavilion

Uk Pavilion

Theme: Be close with nature
Design team: "Heatherwick"
Highlights: Light box
Location: Zone C

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