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How to Plan A Silk Road Trip

As there are lots of attractions along the Silk Road, it will take about 20 days for the whole trip. Based on various requirements of visitor, we customized different itineraries for choosing, including 5-day trip, 9-day trip and 12-day trip.

5-day trip: Xian and Dunhuang

Echoing Sand Mountain

Echoing Sand Mountain

The trip starts from the birthplace of the Silk Road - Changan (Xian). After visiting attractions in Xian (Terracotta Army, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian City Wall, etc.), you will travel along Silk Road to Dunhuang. Here you can visit Mogao Caves, Yumenguan Pass, Dunhuang Yadan National Geological Park and Mingsha Shan. In Mingshan Shan, there is perennially limpid lake in the endless desert, named Crescent Lake, where water is so pure and emerald. This is the prosperous route that Marco Polo connected Asia and Europe to promote interaction. When walking along the road, you will feel as if you were one of the team to trade between China and Europe.

9-day trip: Xian, Dunhuang, Turpan and Urumchi

Xinjiang Local People

Xingjiang Local People

The trip connects inland cities with minority area, offering great opportunity to learn about cultural diversity. You can appreciate spectacular historical sites and natural landscapes in Xi'an, Dunhuang and Turpan, such as Terracotta Army, Magao Caves, Dunhuang Yadan National Geological Park, Jiaohe Ruins. In Urumchi, you will enjoy visiting different bazaars and shopping minority ornaments, as well as Heavenly Lake. Travelling along the trade route of ancient businessmen to experience what they went through is the best way to know about the Silk Road and cultural shock.

  • 9 Days Golden Silk Road -- cycling around Ancient City Wall get views of sunset, taste local snacks at Muslim Quater and Walk along lanes in minority area

12-day trip: Xianan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumchi and Kashgar

Gaochang Ancient Town

Gaochang Ancient Town

This trip stretches from Xian to Kashgar, the border between China and foreign countries, covering the whole part of Silk Road in China. The route is full filled with enormous magnificent attractions, delicious local food and cultural differences. You will have enough time to communicate with locals, having a deeper insight of customs and lifestyles of Uyghur.

This trip is more adventure and deep experience, please contact our travel advisor to custimize your own trip!