Song Festival of Zhuang and Dong People

Zhuang People's Song Festival

Zhuang People is the largest minority among Chinese minorities. The thrid day of the third month of Chinese lunar calendar is Zhuang People's traditional folk song festival. With a long history, this festival was originated from the Sui and Tang Dynasties. It has been celebrated in Nanning, the provincial capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region since 1983.

Zhuang People will eat five-colored sticky rice, sing songs, hold bull fighting and throw embroidered balls. As Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has the largest number of Zhuang People in China, it is not only famous for its marvelous karst landscape, but also widely known for its rich minorities' culture, especially Zhuang People's culture. Visitors can take part in singing songs with Zhuang People during the Song Festival and it is an official holiday.


Dance during the song festival

Activities of Zhuang People's Song Festival

Zhuang people dressed with festival clothes to get together to sing songs in antiphonal style in the mountains. Most of lyrics are spontaneous with a theme of love, from shallow to deep and involve broad. Young men and women also take part in touching colored eggs and throwing embroidered balls. Young girls who are not married can throw an embroidered ball to choose a husband by singing songs. The man will visit the girl in the second day to propose marriage with the embroidered ball thrown by the girl. >> more details

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Local Flavor Food of Zhuang People During March 3rd Song Festival

Local Flavor Food of Zhuang People During Song Festival

During the Song Festival, there are some special food to eat to pay homage to Liu Sanjie. Five-colored sticky rice is the most famous food. People use Peristrophe roxburghiana, huanghua grass, purple koali plant and maple leaves juices to dye glutinous rice into red, yellow, purple and black colors.

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Origin of Zhuang People's March 3rd Song Festival

Origin of Zhuang People's Song Festival

The Song Festival is also called Gexu Festival (歌圩节) which means to go to the song square to sing songs. Zhuang people devote themselves to agriculture from the ancient time. In order to break a busy and boring farm life, Zhuang people started to sing songs to each other in the farm. People express their love of nature and life, and then make friends and find their husband or wife by singing songs. So every Zhuang person can sing songs.

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Impressive Liu Sanjie Show in Guilin

Impression Sanjie Liu in Guilin

Impression Sanjie Liu is a large-scale night show directed by Zhang Yimou (one of the best directors in China) set among real hills and river intersection between the Li River and Tianjia River (Tianjiahe). Actors and actress sing in Zhuang language. The show was started in 2004 and now has over 600 local people including famers, fishermen and young girls who are mainly Zhuang people. It is a magnificent night show which is originated from Zhuang people's song celestial- Liu Sanjie acting on the natural rivers. If travelers miss the Song Festival, you can choose to watch Impressive Liu Sanjie to experience Zhuang people's songs and culture. >> more details

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Dong People's Festival in Sanjiang

In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it is not only an important festival for Zhuang people, but also for Dong, Yao and Miao people. The Song Festival is also a large-scale festival celebrated by Dong people. Dong people are mainly live in Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Baojing Village(报京乡) of Zhengyuan County(镇远县) in the southeast of Guizhou Province and Chengyang 8 Dong Villages(程阳八寨) and Fulu County ( 福 禄镇) in Sanjiang ( 三江) in Guangxi are the best places to experience Dong people's Song Festival.

Dong people get together to play reed-pipe wind instruments and dance to celebrate the festival. Of course, there are a lot of large-scale activities including songs and dances. It is one of the best time to experience Dong people's unique culture. Travelers can take a coach from Guilin to Sanjiang County and transfer a coach to Chengyang 8 Dong Villages or Fulu County.

Top places to experience Festival

Nanning Travel


Nanning, the provincial capital of Guangxi holds a large scale of Song Festival celebration every year. On the third day of the third month on Chinese lunar calendar (around the beginning of April), travelers can go to Wuming County and Minge Lake to take part in a series of celebrations. Wuming County is the most famous and the best to experience the Song Festival. It is also very convenient to see magnificent Detian Waterfall on the border of China and Vietnam and easy to reach Vietnam from Nanning.

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Liuzhou Travel


Liuzhou is a city where Dong, Miao and Han people live in. There are a lot of celebrations and festivals throughout the year. Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County and Rongshui Miao Autonomous County are the most recommended places to experience ethnic minority's culture. Nearby Guizhou Province, travelers can easily reach Liuzhou from Guizhou Province. Compared with Guilin and Nanning, the ethnic minority's life is less interrupted by travelers, so visitors can experience a more original cultural life.

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Guilin Tours


Guilin is the best choice to see Chinese karst landscapes, especially in Yangshuo County. It is not only famous for its unique natural scenery, but also well known as an important cultural city with a more than 2000 years old history. Travelers can go to Longji Rice Terraced Fields to experience Zhuang and Yao People's special culture. Impression Liu Sanjie decorated by famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou is a great night show based on natural hills and rivers to hear wonderful Zhuang people's songs.

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Sanjiang County is the greatest concentrations of Dong people in Guangxi. The Drum Towers and Wind and Rain Bridge, and Dong Songs stand for Dong people's culture. Travelers can go to Chengyang Eight Dong Villages (程阳八寨) to experience their unique culture especially at Chinese Spring Festival. Dong People's weddings are all held during the Spring Festival. There is a serious of celebrations of Dong weddings which are the best time to experience Dong people's culture. The Song Festival is also celebrated in Sanjiang. If travelers want to see a different Song Festival, Chengyang is a great place to go.

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Tailor-make a Trip to Experience This Festival

Wanna take a trip to experience the Song festival? China Travel can tailor-make a tour for you based on your needs and requirements which can save your time, money, and trouble. Please feel free to tell us your tour ideas! >> Tailor-make Now!