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Wuzhen Transportation

External Transport

By Highway

From Shanghai:

There are special tourist buses to Wuzhen from Shanghai Stadium (7:50 am and 8:45 am) and Hongkou Football Stadium (8:00 am) , and the buses come back from Wuzhen at 16:30 pm. You can buy return tickets, including entry to Wuzhen at the price of 100 yuan/person. The price is 120 yuan if you include Jiaxing South Lake. Besides, there are guides taking you to tour Wuzhen all the way on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The bus leaves Shanghai Stadium at 9:05 am, 128 yuan/person.

On normal days, there’s a medium-sized bus to Wuzhen at 12:35 am from the long–distance bus station on Lutai Road. The price is 25.1 yuan and the journey takes 2 hours 30 minutes.

From Jiaxing:

There are medium-sized buses going to Wuzhen directly at 7:20, 9:50, 13:40, 14:10, 14:30 and 16:45 everyday from the Jiaxing West Bus Station. At other times you can take a medium–sized bus to Dongxiang (6:30-17:30,every 5 minutes, taking 35 minutes, price: 5.7 yuan),and then take the bus to Wuzhen (6:00-17:00,every 7 minutes, taking 20 minutes, price: 4 yuan). It costs 70 yuan to go from Jiaxing to Wuzhen by taxi.

From Hangzhou:

Take the express bus from the Hangzhou East Bus Station (6:30-17:30, every half an hour, taking 1 hour, price: 15–17 yuan).

There is a Zhejiang express bus from Hangzhou going directly to Wuzhen. (taking 1 hour 20 minutes, price: 20 yuan). The last bus back to Hangzhou from Wuzhen is at 5:30 pm.

Internal Traffic


The starting rate for tricycles in Wuzhen is 3 yuan. It costs 15 yuan to go through all the main scenic spots of the ancient town.

Wuzhen Highlights

A special thing about Wuzhen is that some of the houses beside the river is built on pillars to lift them above the surface of the waterway. » more

Wuzhen Food

The fish in Wuzhen cuisine live in the water that is not polluted. The meat of the fish is soft and delicious, a rare treasure among fresh water fish. » more

Wuzhen Transportation

There are special tourist buses to Wuzhen from Shanghai Stadium (7:50 am and 8:45 am) and Hongkou Football Stadium (8:00 am) . » more

Wuzhen Accommodation

Three high-level hotels, an inn and traditional home-like accommodation with water town characteristics have been built. » more

Wuzhen Itinerary

East Village scenic area has a unified ticket policy. The price of the ticket is 100 yuan/person, and it can be only used once on that day. » more

Wuzhen Travel Tips

The weather in Wuzhen is no different to that in Xiaxing and Xitang. The most beautiful scenery of Wuzhen is in spring and fall. » more


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