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Zhouzhuang Transportation

Regional Transportation

From Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan or Qingpu to Zhouzhuang (see below for the Shanghai-Suzhou-Zhouzhuang route):

Shuttle Buses:


The Bus Passenger Station north of Shanghai Railway Station

Journey: 2 hours
Ticket Price: 22 RMB
NB! This option is not recommended, since there are too few departures.

Shanghai Stadium

Departures: 7:00/ 9:05/ 9:45/ 12:10
Returns: 14:30/ 16:30
Journey: 100 minutes
Tourist Superticket: 110 Yuan (including roundtrip bus tickets and admission fees to scenic sites)
NB! An additional fee of 20 Yuan will be charged if you do not return the same day.

Hongkou Football Court

Departures: 8:00/ 10:00
Returns: 15:00/ 17:30
Journey: 2 hours
Ticket Price: 128 Yuan (including tour guide fee)


The Northern Bus Passenger Terminal

Shuttles depart every half hour beginning at 7:05 and ending at 17:05, daily.
Journey: 90 minutes
Ticket Price: 17.50 Yuan

The Wuzhong Bus Passenger Station

Departure: 7:30/ 9:30/ 13:00
Journey: 2 hours
Ticket Price: 15 Yuan

Kunshan, Qingpu

There are shuttle buses that depart from Kunshan and Qingpu Bus Terminals every 10 minutes.
Journey: 1hour
Ticket Price: Kunshan 6.50 Yuan/ Qingpu 9.50 Yuan



You can take a bus or a train from Shanghai to Suzhou, then take one of the Suzhou-Zhouzhuang options listed above. The Shanghai-Suzhou options are:

Shanghai-Suzhou By Bus:
Departures every 15 minutes; journey length: 2 hours. Note that there are air conditioned (A/C) buses from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA) to Suzhou at the following times:

SHA-Suzhou By A/C Bus:
Departures every hour on the hour, 10 AM – 4 PM, then at 5:30 PM, and finally at 7:00 PM; journey length: 100 minutes.

Shanghai-Suzhou By train:
Departures every 20 minutes; journey length: 1 hour by regular train; 30 minutes by express train.


Local Transportation

From Zhouzhuang Bus Passenger Station to Zhouzhuang Old Town:

You can take a taxi or rent a tricycle to get you from Zhouzhuang Bus Passenger Station to Zhouzhuang Old Town.

Prices: Taxi (Santana): 10 Yuan
Taxi (Xiali): 5 Yuan
Tricycles: 3 yuan

Onsite Transportation

Getting Around Inside Zhouzhuang

Bridges are the links that make traffic by boat or by rickshaw – or by foot – possible in Zhouzhuang Ancient Town where, as indicated, there is no motorized traffic. There are 14 ancient stone arch bridges in Zhouzhuang which stem either from the Yuan, Ming, or Qing Dynasty. Part of the charm of a gondola tour along the canals of Zhouzhuang is in passing under the rounded arches of the bridges. The reflection of the arch on the canal surface creates the illusion of a circle.

You can rent a gondola w/oarsman (generally a female, in fact) to get you from A to B, just as you can rent a rickshaw for the same purpose, since there are bridges that connect all of the islets of the city of Zhouzhuang. Of course, you will wish to try both! The gondola tour is a unique, out of the ordinary experience, partly because the "oarsmen" are so adept at push-poling their gondolas, and partly because they generally sing local arias – or perhaps ditties (actually folk songs) – while they work (most of us would be panting too much from the exertion to sing!).

An after-dusk trip by boat is especially enchanting, because colored lanterns are lit along the canals and bridges, their glare illuminating portions of the bridges and adjacent buildings, their reflections dancing on the water surface below, creating a veritable fairy world. The price for renting a gondola w/ oarswoman for a canal tour is 80 Yuan per gondola, which seat up to 8 adults. (There are also the daytime area excursions – not canal tours – referred to above under the "Attractions" rubric that take in the entire region, though these are more public than private tours.)

Zhouzhuang Highlights

Zhouzhuang is a beautiful, picturesque village of willow-lined canals that are contiguous with rows of waterside buildings with whitewashed walls and gray slate roofs, and whose wooden eaves are upturned in the quintessentially Chinese fashion. » more

Zhouzhuang Food

Zhouzhuang has a long tea drinking history, as indicated above, but the city likes its pastries as well as its more substantial dishes, such as those made with pork, traditionally the most popular meat in China.» more

Zhouzhuang Transportation

There are direct buses from Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan or Qingpu to Zhouzhuang. You can take a bus or a train from Shanghai to Suzhou, then take one of the Suzhou-Zhouzhuang options. » more

Zhouzhuang Accommodation

If you have time for it, spending a night in Zhouzhuang is an excellent idea, as it will give you more time to see the sights at a more leisurely pace, especially the sites where the tourist traffic can be considerable as the day progresses.» more

Zhouzhuang Itinerary

Day 1: After having checked in at your choice of lodging, stroll/ rickshaw about town to get your bearings, and make note of the layout of the village. » more

Zhouzhuang Travel Tips

Despite its small size, Zhouzhuang observes a fair share of annual festivals, the most popular being the Fast-Boat Race and the Lantern Rowing Ceremony. » more


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