Xiqiao Mountain

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Xiqiao Mountain is located in Southern Guangdong Province and is a very popular tourist resort, national forest park as well as a national scenic area.
The mountain scenic area has the title of being the Lighthouse of Peal Civilization, Hometown for Wong Feihung and Natural Science Mountain in Guangdong. Xiqiao Mountain is home to over 200 springs, 28 waterfalls, 48 mysterious caves, 72 peaks and various winding brooks and valleys.

Things to Do


Xiqiao Mountain is one of the most popular mountains in the Guangdong Province. The area has been endowed with rich natural and cultural resources as well as picturesque scenery. It is a national forest park and a national scenic area. Xiqiao Mountain is located in the Nanhai District of Foshan City. The mountain has the average altitude of around 300 meters and the main peak is 340 meters in height.

The Highlights 

Xiqiao Mountain is an extinct ancient volcano that as created several natural masterpieces such as spectacular waterfalls, limpid lakes, strange hollows and steep cliffs over the entire area. It is known to be the emerald of South Guangdong with 36 hollows and 72 peaks. The hollows are serene and deep while the peaks are very high. The major scenic areas in the Xiqiao Mountain are Wushu Hall of the Lion Skull of Huang Feihong, Yellow Holy Immortal Garden, South China Sea Kwan yin Cultural Garden, Scenic Spot of Green Rock, Scenic Spot of Jasper Hallow and Scenic Spot of the White Cloud Hollow.

White Cloud Hollow 

One of the most renowned hollow among the mountain’s 36 hollows is the White Cloud. This is a very beautiful scenic spot located in the west foothills and is spread over an area of 297 acreages. There are various pavilions, monasteries and temples in this area. Cloud Waterfall flows beautifully in a brook and then flows into the three lakes. The lakes and waterfall illuminate one another. 

Historic sites of White Cloud Hollow 

White Cloud Hollow is rich with historical sites and cultural relics from the Qing and Ming Dynasties such as Inscriptions on the Cliffs, Ancient Temple of White Cloud, Spring and Cloud Hall and the Three Lakes Academy. The Waterfall and Cloud of the Xiqiao Mountain have been listed as the top 8 spectacular sceneries in Guangzhou. The beauty of this location is mesmerizing at night when it is illuminated with colorful lights. 

South China Sea Kwan Yin Cultural Garden 

The cultural garden is located on the Daxian Peak in Xiqiao Mountain area. It has a gorgeous and grand statue of Kwan yin. This statue is around 61.9 meters in height to imply that Kwan Yin had achieved perfection on 19th June. Kwan yin’s statue shows her sitting in her seat of holy lotus flowers and with a beautiful merciful light in her eyes. There is an architectural complex on the left of this peak where there are various other Kwan Yin statues on exhibition.

Jasper Hollow 

Xiqiao Mountain is located in a canyon in the northwest part of the mountain. Inside this hollow is a very large waterfall. In the middle of Xiqiao Mountain is the scenic spot of Green Rock. Other areas worth visiting are the Half Moon and Dragon Beard Springs.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Southern Nanhai District, Foshan City 

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach the Xiqiao Mountain by taking the Guangzhou Xiquio Tour Bus or the special bus to the Xiqiao Bus Stop.

Ticket Price:

CNY 40

Opening Hours:

7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

More Tips:

The best time to visit Xiqiao Mountain is during the Spring Festival. During this time the peach trees are in full blossom and their amazing fragrance is spread over the entire mountain.

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