Fujian History

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Fujian is called"Min" for short. During the Qin dynasty, Minzhong Ministry was set up in where Fujian Province is located. The state of Minyue was founded in early Han dynasty (202, B.C.). During the Three Kingdoms Period, Jian'an County was established. In 13th year of Kanyuan, Tang dynasty, Fuzhou Military Government was founded. In 21st year (733, A.D.), Fujian Military Commissioner was set up, from then on, the name of Fujian was gained. Fujian Road was built in Beining period, eight peer administrative systems that are 1 government, 5 states and 2 military departments were set up, which was also called "Eight Min". Fujian Administrative Commissioner's Office was established in Ming and Qing. Fujian province was set up after the Revolution of 1911.On Aug.24, 1949; Fujian Provincial People’s Government was founded.

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