Fujian Festivals

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The Tourism Festival of Xiamen Delonix Regia- May, June 

In this biennial festival is held each year in Xiamen alternating with the tourism festival of Ocean Culture. This tourism festival is named after delonix regia, the city tree in Xiamen.
It is celebrated to showcase the rich human resources of the area, its local, unique folk customs, youthful vitality and the amazing cultural characteristics of the city. Various enjoyable activities are held during the festival such as a fashion show, beach party, poetry show and a grand opening ceremony.

The Snacks Cultural Festival of Shaxian- December

Shaxian Snacks Festival
The Snacks Cultural Festival is held each year in December in Sanming City in the Sha County. Shaxian snacks have a very long history and impressive reputation and the festival is celebrated each year to celebrate these snacks. Every household in the Sha County can prepare various different types of snacks. Snack stands are found on every lane and every street. During this festival, people from around the world can be found enjoying the snack culture that has been developed over a thousand years. Eating, drinking and shopping are the main activities. 

Xiamen International Marathon- January 

Xiamen International Marathon

The international Marathon of Xiamen is organized each year in January by the Chinese Athletics Association and the People’s Government of Xiamen. It is the only international spring marathon in the country and the only one which is held on a track that presents coastal scenery. Along with the international marathon of Beijing, this is the biggest marathon in China. 

The Mastu Festival of Meizhou Island- March and September 

Goddess Mastu had been born in 960 AD and is often said to have appeared for protecting ships and people that are at danger on the sea. The lunar March and September days are regarded to be the birthday and the death day respectively of the goddess. Every year on these two days thousands of locals as well as Taiwan compatriots visit the Meizhou Island for pilgrimage. 

Meizhou Island Mastu Festival

The festival includes activities such as worshipping Matsu, crafts and arts exhibition, cultural discussion and much more. Tourists get the opportunity to enjoy the rich culture, dances, Fujian cuisine and folk songs.

Qingming Festival- April 

Qingming Festival

The Qingming Festival is a part of the 24 different seasonal divisions in China and is celebrated each year in April. The festival is a commemoration festival and one of the most important sacrifice days. The minority ethnic groups as well as the Han offer sacrifices to ancestors. Tombs of their deceased are also cleaned and swept. 

Congyang Festival- October 

Chongyang Festival

The Chongyang Festival is celebrated each year usually in October. A key activity of this festival is enjoying the beauty of flourishing chrysanthemums. People enjoy chrysanthemum wine, women wear the flowers in their hair, hang the branches of the flowers on their doors and windows and much more. This is done to avoid any evil from entering their homes and to provide protection. 

Double Seventh Festival- August 

Double Seventh Festival

Double Seventh Festival is celebrated each year on the seventh lunar month on its seventh day. Usually it falls in August as per the Gregorian Calendar. The traditional festival is romantic and is celebrated in mid-summer. The weather is usually warm and trees and grass are luxuriously green. At night, the sky is dotted with twinkling stars and people can enjoy the view of the Milky Way stretching across the sky. On each bank of the Milky Way is a bright star which can be seen from the earth. These stars are the Weaver Maid and Cowherd and there is a beautiful, ancient love story about them which is shared through generations. 

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