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Guangxi Transport

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At present, with coastal ports as the leading strength of transportation, and the Nankun Railway as the backbone, the outward – bound majority path framework has been completed with the integration of quality highways, waterways, aviation and other supporting infrastructural facilities.

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Railway in Guangxi

There are four railways, namely, Xianggui (Hunan-Gungxi) Line, Nankun (Nanning-Kunming) Line, Qingui (Jiangxi-Guangxi) Line and Jiaoliu (Jiao’er-Liuzhou) Line converge with each other in Guangxi. The operational mileage of railway lines in the whole autonomous region exceeds 3000 kilometers. The Xianggui (Hunan-Guangxi) Railway is the most important central line, which connects the large Jingguang (Beijing-Guangzhou) railway artery with the east, and joins the Vietnamese railway to the west. The high speed tourist train has been under operation in the "Guilin-Liuzhou-Nanning" section of the Xianggui Railway Line in the land of Guangxi. Nankun Railway Line, Nanfang (Nanning-Fangcheng Harbor) Railway Line and Qinbei (Qinzhou-Beihai) railway Line build up together the outward-bound passage of the southwest. Besides the capital Nanning, Liuzhou is also an important railway junction terminal in the region, which is connected to Guizhou through the Qingui Railway Line and linked with Hainan Province through the Lizhan Railway Line.

Highway in Guangxi

there are national fast highway arteries, such as Chongqing-Zhanjiang Highway, Hengyang-Kunming Highway, Inner Mongolia-Beihai Highway and Shanwei-Qingshuihe Highway. There are also other highway lines crisscrossing Guangxi, such as Nanning-Guangzhou, Nanning-Youyiguan, and Guilin-Wuzhou. The total mileage of highways open to transportation has reached 1000 kilometers.

China shares border with Viet Nam through the overland routes. There are three main highways leading to all nations in Southeast Asia, of which two lie in Guangxi with the minimum distance. One is from Nanning through Dongxing and Mangjie to Ha Noi with a total length of 538 kilometers. The other one is from Nanning through the Youyi Customs of Pingxiang and Liangshan to Ha Noi with the total length of 419 kilometers.

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